About Smiling Steve™

Let’s begin the story about Smiling Steve™ in 1997 when I had been a sales rep for 14 years and struggled on and off to start a part-time or side hustle business over a period of 9 years.

In 1996 I had the idea to start a website that would serve people who also wanted to make more money, which for the majority of readers meant a part-time business (side hustle was not yet a common expression).

The website ended up being a huge hit. By 1999 there were over 50,000 people on the opt-in email list and I was making serious money.

By 2005 that opt-in list grew to 1.5 million!

The success of that business was the subject matter for two newsstand magazine articles (I was featured on the cover of one) and resulted in my first million-dollar year in 2000.

In total, this led to me having 47 months of over $100 thousand dollars of income, just to give you an idea of the level of success we are talking about.

The question is; would any of this have happened if I had not gone to a convention in Las Vegas in November of 1996? And, as you will learn, the answer is probably not or not until many years later!

The other interesting question is; was it fate or just blind luck that I went to that event and met Rod Cook (R.I.P.) who introduced me to another individual who subsequently changed my life? 

In the end, though, what matters the most is can I help you. And the answer is most definitely yes.

That is why I wrote my book and have other training-type materials on the way.

Yes, I can help. My role for you is much like that of Big Al, who I met 25 years ago (September 1997). And though we might not work together one-on-one, the training provided through this site will solve many of your problems.

Today, this former mentor of mine (Big Al) has over 40 books on Amazon — and he is still going strong with a new book on the way!

The stuff Big All and I share with people “just makes sense” (those are his words). And, as an Australian might say; “Too right!”

It just makes sense but will it make sense to you? The answer to that is quite simple. Only if you study it.

Two and a half decades ago, when I was just starting to put it together, the ideas Big Al shared with me came at a time when I was worrying that the type of success I envisioned would not come soon enough for me to start enjoying my life when I was young. So I needed his voice then.

Do you need mine now?

The time I would have wasted on “trial and error” was eliminated because of this mentor. He steered me away from failing to learn, speeding up the time it required me to succeed.

I had already spent 9 years at it when I met him. What if it took me 5 more to start making real money?

Can you waste 5 to 15 years trying to figure out what works? Or do you want to know right now?

That is the decision that every person who wants more success should be asking themselves.

On the home page, I wrote an article to assist with the SEO of this site. It talks about How to be wildly successful in business without ruining your personal life. It could have been entitled; How to have a side hustle and not ignore your kids!

Success comes at a cost. And by cost, I am not referring to money but the personal cost.

You can make it in life without paying the kind of cost that the attorneys paid in Rob Parsons’ book, The Heart of Success.

That is what I am “selling” here.

Not just money but the time to spend it too!

It’s hard to say how much time Big Al saved me, but it was certainly years.

Are you willing to waste years because you will not follow this site or read the free section of The Free Cheese Secret™ or the video series that is coming (The Business Owner’s Best Friend™)?

To tell you how dedicated I am to a lifetime of learning, I still read Big Al’s books, even though I could have written them!

Just one idea can change your life and I have a few dozen to share. But it all begins with getting two or three principal ideas down.

I am talking about something like one hour of your life. Will you risk that or risk missing out on the information I can share?

The choice is yours. 

If you do decide to follow what I am teaching please opt-in right now. And I have a gift for you!

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