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In 1997, after 10 years of struggling to build the elusive business that would result in real financial and time freedom, I finally got a big break.

I like to think that is I did not try as hard as I did, it wouldn’t have happened. But whether that is true or it was just fate or just blind luck, I met the someone who helped me change my life.

Really I was just one or two ideas that he shared with me. And, today, this mentor of mine has over 40 books on Amazon — he is still going strong!

Now, nearly 25 years later, I am paying-it-forward

More recently, after not seeing him for 8 years, I asked him how he got on to the killer communication techniques he had developed. He started telling me a very short and never got to the detail, then this mentor of mine just cut to the chase and simply; “it just makes sense“.

Umm, too right. Not only that but it is simple and easy to learn too.

Two decades ago, when I was just starting to put it together what his presence in my life did was remove my doubt. I knew that his advice was sound and suddenly the deep seeded doubt I had back then – worrying that success would not come soon enough for me to start enjoying my life when I was young – melted away.

Time I would have wasted in trial and error was eliminated because of this mentor. It’s hard to say how much time he saved me, months or years? Maybe even the fate of never truly succeeding at all .. ?!

I’m truly grateful that this man ‘paid it forward’, changing my life. Now it’s your turn as that master set me up to be a master and that is what I’ve become. The question is; do you want to be one too?

The crazy thing is, even though we earned outstanding incomes, this evolution in communication took us decades to hone. That will not be the case for you, as we have it all wrapped up in a neat bow so you can master this much faster than we did and there is no telling what would happen if you tried to figure this mastery out alone.

The most important part is; I will help you whether you ever work directly with me or not, which is the same promise my mentor made to me.

Of course, I can do more for you if you do work with me but we can get to that later. For now, if you are ready, the teacher has arrived.

Have a blessed day and I look forward to speaking soon.