A cropped picture of Smiling Steve™
A picture of Lea and Smiling Steve at a public speaking and fundraising event
This picture shows Smiling Steve seated at the head of the table, right after being a guest speaker at a breakfast club for entrepreneurs
Smiling Steve™ in Home Business Journal magazine in Feb 2004

About Smiling Steve™

Let’s begin my story–about Smiling Steve–by sharing my entrepreneurial failures, then what happened to turn my life around and turn me into a proven direct responses marketing man.

 I had been a direct sales rep for 14 years and struggled on and off to start a part-time or side hustle business over a period of 9 years.

Don’t get me wrong, I made some money in side hustle businesses but never managed to sustain one.

In 1996 I had the idea to start a website that would serve people who also wanted to make more money, which for the majority of readers meant a part-time business (side hustle was not yet a common expression).

The website ended up being a huge hit. By 1999 there were over 50,000 people on the opt-in email list, and I was making serious money.

By 2005 that opt-in list grew to 1.5 million!

The success of that business was the subject matter for two newsstand magazine articles. The first was April of 2001 (image below), and the 2nd was on the cover of a magazine in 2004.

The year that the first article came out, I had my first million-dollar year. Why did things turn around so abruptly? Because I met a man from Texas who clued me in.

It all began when I went to a convention in Las Vegas in November of 1996 and had a chance meeting with another man.

It was Rod Cook (R.I.P.) who heard my story and insisted he make the introduction to the person who changed my life.

I did not know it then, but Rod was introducing me to a man who had taken a business public. That same individual has now written over 40 books that are for sale on Amazon. 

Did he know how to become successful? 100%.

The most important part of this story is he taught me and I am now in a position to help you in the same way.

That is why I wrote my first book and then a 2nd. It is also why I put this and other websites together.

This man’s nickname is Big Al and he shares ideas that “just makes sense” (those are his words), but are supported by the latest brain science.

Two and a half decades ago, when I was just starting to put it together, the ideas Big Al shared with me came at a time when I was worrying that the type of success I envisioned would not come soon enough for me to start enjoying my life when I was young. Thankfully I did meet him and the rest is history.

The question is; do you need my help now? This site and the content we are putting on it will allow you to DIY your way to success or you can set a time to meet m directly, using the contact Steve form.

In fact, we have 454 blog posts from another site to move to this one. And because we know SEO, we will set up 301 redirects from each page to the new page on this site where the posts are being moved. Thus we won’t lose traffic.

The time most entrepreneurs waste on “trial and error” is eliminated when the right source of information or mentorship comes along. Tom did it for me, now it is my job to do it for others.

I had already spent 9 years of trial and error when I met Tom. It only took 3 years after that to make a million dollars a year!

What would have happened if I didn’t meet him?

Do you want to waste decades trying to figure out where the big money is made? Or would you like to discover that in an hour with me (or a week on this site)?

That is the decision that every person who wants more success should be asking themselves.

Success comes at a cost. And by cost, I am not referring to money but the personal cost.

That is what I am “selling” here.

Not just money but the time to spend it too!

It’s hard to say how much time Big Al saved me, but it was certainly years.