"How to have your cake and eat it too!"

"How to have your cake
and eat it too!"

As British expressions go, you can’t have your cake and eat it too is likely to be an antiquity. In other words; it is more than 500 years old.

This well known quote & saying kind of means you can’t have it both ways. And we will see about that!

Of course, when it comes to having money, you definitely want it. And if you can get it without working every hour known to man, that is a huge advantage.

I am hinting at having a huge income in any small business without working night and day.

Money and time freedom too. 

I am talking about the holy grail of achievements!

In most people’s lives, you make more money by working more. So time and money are very much like the old Brit saying. Applied to business it could go something like this;

You can’t make more money and have more free time too. 

My name is Steven Burke and I beg to differ. But before I explain how wrong that old expression is (or can be), let me intro myself.

I’ve been online since 1996, running a business site for a company I founded. That effort got me featured in a North American wide newsstand magazine (mag) in 2001.

In 2004, that some venture led to my “ugly mug” gracing the cover of yet another similar mag!

In the world of entrepreneurs, let’s say that I am known. And, in 2022, my book, which helps people make more money (have their cake and eat it too), is going to become very well known. But why?

Well, because I know how to do it. But more importantly I know how to promote anything.

Even more importantly, I know how to do that without working harder!

Before I go on, let me  share that about 4 years ago I decided that people would not easily remember Burke. In addition, as there was when social media started, there is at least one other with my name online, which could have been a dilemma.

You see, I did not want my Books, Blog Posts, YouTube videos and social media posts to compete for eyeballs with others who have the exact same name. So I changed my name!

Okay, not legally.

What I mean is; I adopted Smiling Steve™ as a personal brand, website address and Nom de Plume (penname).

Now, for legal reasons I can’t guarantee success to anyone. I can’t even guarantee the results of an ad campaign but I can tell you what is happening to me AND, as long as I tell the truth, I will not be indicted.

That is where I get to say that the truth is good enough. What happened to me was spectacular, after all. But it is what is going to happen to you that matters, right?

So you need some faith because I cannot guarantee anything. And, if you lack in faith the truth is that no one can help you until you fix that.

So, I will assume you have no issue with faith in yourself and your ability to learn new thing. That way I can dive in and start teaching you the road to “easy street!”

Before I do, let me say that actual results dependent you. Your success or lack thereof will not be on me but on you. It is your actions, such as ability to learn, determination, stick-with-it-ness and consistency of effort that will make you or break you.

In other words, if you are prepared to change, to you I am indeed an asset!

Now, I need to forewarn you.

Reading this page requires you to invest a few minutes of your life. And, as with all great stories, there is a setup period before you get to the truly exciting bits. Capiche?

I will leave it to you to decide if your life is worth that time.

Let’s begin with the famous cartoon character, Bugs Bunny. One of his oft repeated sayings — one or other version of which was uttered through the years of the cartoon’s long run — went like this;

I knew I should of taken that left turn at Albuquerque!

To a child this was silly. But it meant something else to an adult who was paying attention, didn’t it?

It was due to Bugs that I knew there was a city in the U.S. called Albuquerque, though I did not know how to spell it till later in life. But, what was was the double entendre suggested by Mel Blanc and the other authors, through Bugs?

Isn’t what Bugs was saying really a metaphor for life?

I mean, whatever your reasons for becoming an employee or an entrepreneur, given the time to understand your decisions, you may indeed feel you went the wrong way or ended up completely off-track.

I could leave that last statement just like that but it might help you if I expand on it slightly. 

To some degree, even those who successfully chased the big bucks made sacrifices that are not worth it or that they did not see coming. And, in case you never thought of this before (or even if you have), I suggest you ruminate on that because life is (or should be) about making the right choices.

Change, then, is about reversing the course of choice you made that brought you to where you are and where you do not want to stay.

Employees do not necessarily get this, though some certainly do. Regardless, the reality is; working harder and/or longer (or both) doesn’t lead to the best possible life.

In fact, it doesn’t always mean more money either. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Sure, work brings money AND, yes, money is good but what price do we pay to get it?

Before you read another word, please know I am not against hard work nor am I apposed to trying for the big bucks, far from it actually. What I do is advocate for a better life — meaning how to have your cake and eat it too!

Working smarter has the potential to increase one’s income and, though saying it the way I just did is slightly oversimplified, this other way of doing things comes with a benefit that is undeniable.

Working smarter leaves one with the potential of having more free time to enjoy that extra money.

By contrast, working every hour known to man keeps one away from family — the very people we work for!

The stories of successful business people who were always away from home have been told and told again. Because it happens all the time.

This is often called; trading time for money. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

You can have more money (or eat your cake). And you can have more free time too (or have your cake too/still).

Those who believe that no goal worth attaining comes without sacrifice sometimes need a little subconscious mind reprogramming. For all work and no play is no way to live.

Want to know what else is interesting? Those who begin a side hustle (so they could work at home to make extra money), quite often pay too great a price too.

At least those who chase a better life through a side hustle are at home while they are doing it (rather than being away from home working at a part time job or long hours as an Executive).

Then there are those who are about to start a side hustle. Trust me, they all too often go wrong at Albuquerque too.

However, if they have no previous experience, they usually do not need reprograming. They know they need more income and most are sponges (ready to learn) without many preconceived notions yet get off-track because they have poor mentors who want them to work.

When someone has a vested interest in what you do, they are not apt to give you the advice in your best interest but in theirs. 

Anyway, if you are new to making money as an entrepreneur, you are potentially easier to help.

Celebrity Podcasts & Instagram Models

Actors, comedians and musicians are not normally thought of as entrepreneurs (and far from being my ideal target audience) but a lot can be learned from them and the recent trend of these people having a side hustle of sorts.

Just look at how many actors and celebrities have started a venture that is paying off. I am, of course, thinking of podcasts and/or YouTube channels.

Just like models on Instagram, celebrities, comedians, actors and musicians started marketing themselves to make money. And that became even more prevalent during the pandemic, when concerts, movie and TV productions plus Sports Events were cancelled for a time.

Before social media, the professional lives of Models, Actors and Musicians depended on their ‘look’ and being ‘hot’, not on direct response marketing or social media popularity.

Back then it was all too common for an entertainer’s career trajectory to top-out quickly. They would either disappear completely (teen & child actors, one-hit-wonders, etc.) or not become popular again for many years. That is where this saying came from:

“I have been broke and I have had money. Times with money were better!”

As it happens, Jack London, the pre and post WWII era stage actor who worked mostly in London (then England, now the U.K.),  used the above quote at family gatherings.

The reason why I know that Jack London often repeated this saying is; he was my dad’s uncle.

Boy have things changed.

Today even those who are barely celebrities are making fairly significant money by marketing their social media presence. However, one thing hasn’t changed at all;

Life is indeed better during times of more money. There is no arguing that.

The pandemic and the supply chain issues (plus the war in Ukraine) have caused many commissioned sales people and entrepreneurs to lose out on profits and commissions.

Jobs were even scarce at times too. And I sense this might be an issue again. But . .

No matter what happens, you CAN have more money in your life. And, I expect you want it!

Now, unlike actors and comedians, sales people, entrepreneurs and those temporarily without jobs do not become YouTube or Instagram ‘stars’ as easily, do they?

So, what is their option? And what is the option to have more money if you took the wrong turn at Albuquerque?

Lost Income & Profits

In many cases, those who lost income don’t ever replace it. 

In other words; how do those who lost jobs and entrepreneurs or commissioned sales people who lost profits or commissions recover what that lost money?

Without the help that can be found here or directly from me or through those gurus worth paying attention to, how would someone like this recover. I mean, you can’t do what you don’t know, can you?

In fact, as I edit this home page, in April of ’22, there are many sales people who are still being hurt by supply chain issues. After all, you cant get paid a commission for a product you can’t deliver, can you?

Losing money in the stock market or investments is not the same as losing some or all of your income, is it?

Of course, there are those who loved their short time at home. They got a Government bailout check and simply shrug their shoulders about lost income. These people are definitely not in my target audience.

Why is a paper loss of investments different than losing income? Well, one pays the bills and the other pays future bills. Time can heal what ills an investment portfolio but no income or a huge hit on one’s income causes an immediate problem.

The 2007 and 2008 economic collapse in the U.S. cost lots of people a chunk of their investment portfolio’s value (funds for retirement). But if they still had income they did not suffer through what some people have had to deal with during the pandemic and its’ aftermath.

The obvious exception is people who are about to retire. If they lose a chunk of their investment portfolio’s value late in their working careers, it may result in them needing to work for a few years longer rather than taking retirement as planned. Ouch!

Money won’t make you a better person

Of course, this brings up an age old statement. And the answer just revealed itself very publicly.

No, money will not make you a better person. Just look at what happened at the 2022 Oscars with Will Smith. He is fabulously wealthy and he still committed a felony (assault) in front of like a billion watchers.

Lucky (for him) he was not hauled off to jail.

Strangely, that incident appears to have rejuvenated the popularity of Chris Rock. Such is the strangeness of our media rich world.

Look, whether you are a great person or not, unless you are fabulously wealthy, having more money is better. However, many of those who are making the big bucks work far too much to enjoy it!

Other than those born wealthy, most of the rest of us fall into 3 categories;

  • We work too much to have that better than middle class life, or;
  • We have way less income than we need (and usually work no more than 40 hours), or;
  • We work a lot — a full time job and a part time job — and still barely survive.

Yes, that means there are people who have a job (or 2) that are still living below the poverty line. But let’s leave the “income inequality” topic for a blog post instead of occupying some of that topic on the home page of the Smiling Steve™ website.

The reality is simple. If you name isn’t Smiling Steve™ it is likely you don’t know how to:

Have your cake and eat it too?

In other words; how to have more than enough income AND the free time to enjoy it too? To me, this is and always will be the dream.

Short of winning the lottery, what is the answer?

Let me begin by saying that I am not about to tell you about residual income. So that genie is not about to pop out of the bottle.

I am a real entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. Not the fool who will suddenly turn from the above great words into someone who pushes a limited solution on you.

I am certainly not going to say; “Hey, change your industry!”

Instead, I am going to provide insights as to how you can “have your cake and eat it too” in this lifetime. And, rest assured, this website is not even close to just a vessel to promote my first book:

The Free Cheese Secret

However, if you are an entrepreneur or plan on starting a side hustle, I would recommend strongly that you do download and read the first 12 pages of that book. It will teach you were the real money is made in business.

Whether you download the book or not, I do recommend you opt-in for notifications. There are few things that you could do that would be better for your future than to get an occasional yet regular dose of money-making thoughts from a person who resonates with you.

Look, if you opt-in, you always have the option of telling me to go away later (meaning; you can always opt-out). Not that I expect you to want to, if that tells you anything.

To get notifications opt-in here.

If you don’t earn the big bucks today ask yourself this:

Am I destined to live my life wavering back and forth between denial (about not earning enough) and constantly worrying about money, or; am I willing to learn how to change my current circumstances?

If you are willing, get the book AND go to the bottom of this page and send me a text message. I always reply (well, my team will and set a time to talk to me at no charge).

Yes, I give people my time for FREE and let the other gurus wonder how I can do it!

Look, the take-aways from being on this web page as simple:

  • Earning more money does not need to be about working harder.
  • Sure, you will have to spend some of your limited spare time here or reading my book and studying how to but you can do that while you shave or do your makeup in the morning (learning does not take long)
  • Increasing your income without having to work every hour that you are awake (or not eating) is definitely more than just possible
  • You only have to learn this once!

Knowledge is a funny thing.

Once you have it you have it forever (or until you are very old). And it can and will always make you money.

In my book the hero, Smiling Steve™,  increases his income then hires someone in the Philippines (for instance)  to do that extra work. And my life is like that.

I may not get someone to write my website for me but I sure do have people booking my appointment for me. And that saves me time for my daily trips into the garden to grow my tomatoes, herbs and other vegetables.

In other words; the purpose of the person you hire is to free up your time. It really is that simple.

If you do earn the big bucks today, be honest with yourself while you answer these questions:

“Am I paying to great a price to provide for my family?”

“Am I working too much just so I can bank more money?”

If you are away from home working to earn the big bucks and, as a result, barely see your family, you too can make a change. And, you should.

In the year 2001, for the first time, I proved that you can have the big bucks AND have the free time too. That year I earned over a million dollars for the 2nd year in a row AND also took over 11 weeks off in total!

Imagine having a one week holiday every month and earning enough that money is never a worry? That is basically what 2001 was like for me.

I am also not afraid to admit my mistakes. By 2005 I was earning way more but I stupidly ramped on an investment to do it. And, no, that does not mean I invested money in my business.

What it cost me was time.

If there was a time machine, I would go back and change my decision to do this. However, had I not done it, I would not be able to talk about it profoundly, would I?

Other ways to look at this are;

  • Imagine earning the big bucks and having a long weekend every week? Or;
  • Imagine taking the summer off every year! Or;
  • Imagine living your life on an endless RV trip from the Southern U.S. to Canada and back again, and public speaking in each town with all of your events set up for you! Or;
  • Imagine never taking your shorts off because your life is sailing from one hemisphere to the other, chasing the endless summer and only working occasionally (from your sailboat). 

All of this is possible and so much more.

Whether you already have a small business or not, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that more money is rather easy to earn. However . .

How you make the big bucks is not the way you think!”

The key is to have the income that workaholics make without working the long hours they do. But how?

I’ve already hinted that more free time could be the result of having a team — think personal assistant to start — but how is it possible to free up time this way without losing part of one’s income to pay for the assistant?

In other words; how do you earn more through the efforts of someone who works for you (which frees up your time) without losing money to train them and pay them until you start to profit from that?

This is a multi million dollar question!

If you had this figured out you can start more or less right away. Couldn’t you?

I will give you an example; a sales person wants more appointments in the same time. They get the bright idea of an assistant to set up those appointments so they free up their time prospecting in order to have more time for appointments. All without working longer days!

They get started but the assistant needs a lot of coaching to be ready. And, during the time coaching the salesperson is  you are unable to do as much prospecting – they not only have the added expense, they lost income to train up the person that was meant to free up their time.

This last over simplified example does not explain where the money comes from to pay that person but does point out one of the pitfalls of doing this.

Sure, more appointments will turn into more money but that assistant needs to be paid and trained. Wore, they get paid while they are being trained too.

So that is like taking a cut in earnings to earn more later and this pain is unnecessary.

It is critical that any plan does not require short term financial pain because if it did, people who don’t have the money in the bank would not be able to do it. And that is has a name.

‘Barrier To Entry

Money is a barrier to entry and time or lack thereof can be too.

For instance, a person who works hard during the day and has a family member who is sick must run home to look after them. It’s like having 2 jobs.

Can that person have a side hustle? They can but it would be tough and unrealistic to expect them to do much.

This all comes down to having knowledge you do not have today. And the only pain you will ever feel from knowing me is the spare time to learn it.

Again, there is little you can do while you shave or put on makeup. So you can listen to me explain to you some of the successful ways that people overcome various barriers to entry, can’t you?

You could use the time you spend driving or on public transport. Instead of listening to music on your Air Pods, why not tune into Smiling Steve™ for a few minutes over a few days to learn how to live a better life.

In other words, this does not have to eat into the time you love to set aside to watch Jeopardy or spend time be with family.

If you will just invest a small amount of time to learning and applying a few, simple little known methodologies, you will gain real control over your own life.

It is that simple.

Yes, few know how to make the big bucks. So few, in fact, that you might as well refer to the methods I teach and use as “secrets” . . though I am not the only one with this knowledge, nor is listening to a training audio while shaving exactly earth shattering.

Please understand what I am saying:

  • most Small Business Entrepreneurs and Corporate Execs that the majority of society would consider successful are making too great a sacrifice to earn well above average incomes!
  • most employees are working too hard to make their bosses dream become a reality!

You see, the majority of small business people that make an above average income (and almost all of the Corporate Execs) do so in exchange for giving up time that could have been spent having fun and being with family.

Similarly, the person with 2 jobs does everything they can to provide for family but loses family time as a price. It would be better to find another way to make income and drop these jobs.

Another example is a low level manager, like someone who is manager of a restaurant for one shift a day. Can they leave work if they have something important to do?

Missing your kids events is not fun nor is it good for them. So, the goal to earn well above average money is simply not good enough by itself.

Too great a price indeed.

For those who already have a small business, I am not saying you should quit or change your career. What I am advocating is working smarter, not harder.

You must understand that your followers / fans / customers / clients / patients (and prospects) are worth more than you think, as well as how to realize previously unknown profits.

Again, work smarter.

If you do not have a small business, you may be shocked to discover that the IRS and CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) are giving people like you free money in the form of taxes you already paid at work (tax refunds) and all you have to do to get that FREE MONEY is start a no-risk, part time business (side hustle).

Please note I said “no risk!”

In fact, if you start a side hustle, you will be ahead financially even before that part time business makes a penny (as long as you do not spend relatively large money to start it — low risk is better)!

Does this apply to Corporate Execs too? Sure. Anyone who is an employee can get ahead financially just for creating a part time side hustle business.


Of course, a Corporate Exec might not think it worth their while to get a $10,000 home office deduction and save $2,500 or a little more in taxes. Not until they realize that this will pay for a part time assistant to create more income.

Oops, I just gave away one of my secrets!

Don’t worry, I will give them all away if you will just apply them.

More income without much in the way of time involvement and no investment to speak of is a dream come true. This is have your cake and eat it too.

More money and more free time. Plus no risk!

Those entrepreneurs who already have a small business are usually taking full advantage of the tax benefits but not always (some have a work place and do not take the home office write off deduction). But what are they missing?

I don’t care how savvy you are about reducing taxation, working smarter leads to more money, period!

One day you can tell your story; I met this guy who is known as Smiling Steve™) who taught that regardless of your background or current situation, you can learn exactly how to make the changes that will lead to a far better future.

How much better? Well, Smiling Steve™ has not had a job since 1996!

I especially like working with mortgage brokers, real estate agents, accountants, car sales people, commission sales people, small construction company owners and many more.

Yes, on occasion I work directly with people one-on-one. But I also provide group training events that are 2nd to none and I have killer books too, should you want to study on your own.

It all begins with either opting-in or downloading the first 12 pages of my book, which will also opt-in your email address.

Of course, if you are keen to make changes or desperate to do same, you can always reach out to me by phone. Simply send me a text message (my numbers are at the bottom of this page) and I will reply (well, someone on my team will book a time for you and I to talk).

Yes, you can also use my Calendly system to automatically book an appointment with me too. But I believe the personal touch is better, don’t you?

I look forward to meeting you personally at some point in the future. But, more importantly, I hope to help you make the change in your life that you deserve, be that:

  1. More money (income), or;
  2. More free time, or;
  3. Both.

Here is hoping you do change your life!

If you want to be bored, feel free to read on and numb your brain (or fall asleep) by trying to take in the Disclaimers listed below:

  • Knowing someone is not a guarantee that you will earn more money.
  • Actual changes in your life will depend on your own efforts, abilities and stick-with-it-ness.
  • I am not intending to disparage anyone in any walk of life, be that a person who does not earn the big bucks or a Corporate Executive (Exec). Real freedom is not easy to attain and no one is taught this stuff in school, so unless the information comes to you somehow, you really cannot know any better.
  • Tom Petty had it right in his song “Refugee” with the portion of the lyric that states; “Everybody has to fight to be free!”

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