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An Introduction to Smiling Steve

It is rare indeed to find an influencer riding the wave of popularity that realizes that it could all come crashing down tomorrow!

The income sources (or monetization) that influencers rely on can dry up quickly and long before the pay-off ought to. As an influencer who helps other influencers, I provide proof below of this happening (it is more common than you think) and not only provide a solution but also show you that you almost certainly don’t understand the potential of becoming an influencer.

The gravy train can end quicker than you think (especially in the new “cancel culture” world), but now I need to say that I am not preaching doom and gloom—far from it.

I know how an influencer can continue to make money long after no one reads, listens, or watches your content any longer!

First, have you ever heard of an influencer losing significant income? Let me give you two quick examples.

This image is a screenshot of the google search "Influencers lose money"

Look at Dianna Leilani Cowern, known as Physics Girl, who was riding the wave of massive popularity on YouTube and in life, having just married Kyle (her now husband).

You can Google her using this user name: @physicsgirl.

As of June 2024, it was October 24, 2022 when @physicsgirl personally created and uploaded her last video to YouTube. The last time I checked, that video received 1.6 million views (it shows her boarding a nuclear submarine in the Arctic, which dove under the ice).

That video about nuclear subs and the Arctic was a once-in-a-lifetime trip for her, which leaves you wondering: how many more incredible videos would he have created in the last 18 months if she had not gotten sick?!A picture of physics girl after she got sick,, which was posted on her X account

What happened? Something most people have only heard of: she got Long Covid!

Nearly overnight, her career of making fun, quirky physics videos ground to a screeching halt. Since then, only two videos have been uploaded to update her subs (subscribers) about her health. One by a very good friend of hers and another by another influencer who is also her friend.

Has her income been affected by her illness? Duh. 

Luckily, her Patrons at Patreon are still contributing, which is a blessing considering her current situation.

If you cannot create content, you will lose out on all the views that content would have generated, which is an excellent argument for sufficient insurance if you are an investor. But let us not digress.

Now, let’s look at Ray Higdon. On August 9, 2014, he published a blog post on his website describing how he had one YouTube channel shut down and built a new one, only to have horrific problems with it, causing him to leave YouTube.

I believe he had built up to 20,000 subs (subscribers) when he lost his first channel (in 2011). Here is how he put it across in the post:

“Imagine if you started a site and you wanted to get more interaction on it and for FREE this guy comes along and contributes to your site 5-7 times per week, every single week for 5 years. How much would you be willing to give that guy? Would you at least send him a T-shirt or would you shut down his account and flag his content even though his content is getting likes, shares, comments and a ton of traffic to YOUR site?”

This influencer is not saying that Ray made a good or bad choice to leave YouTube or that YouTube is bad. In fact, I make no judgment whatsoever; I am simply showing you how easily you can lose your income as an influencer.

There are other stories like Dianna’s and Ray’s, but I did not need to do research to recall these two. If I thought about it for a moment, I would think of others, too.

If your primary income as an influencer was tied to travel or doing things in public, you may have been forced to stop creating income depending on where you lived during COVID.

The point is that this can happen quickly and at any moment.

If something happens to you that is outside of your control, like your account getting canceled, hacked, or bombarded by complaints, you get a disease, you are in an accident, or you get ‘canceled’ by woke society, your life as an influencer will take a step back or worse.

If you are a parent, how would that affect your kids? If you are near retirement, what would your retirement look like after this loss of income? Those are just two questions about how bad things could be depending on what happens.

Now, ready for the good news?

I am here to tell you that your income can continue, and it can be significantly higher right now while you are riding the crest of popularity. What I teach is both possible and probable if done correctly.

The best part? It costs you nothing.

In other words, no risk and a high probability of success (higher than becoming a popular influencer)!

My content will specifically address types of monetization that almost no influencer knows about and that are not included in posts and blogs by monetization gurus. Why? Primarily because the options exist, and I want your gravy train to go on forever!

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In keeping with the highest ethical standards, I will never share or sell your data. You can read my privacy policy here.

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