Your competition (and others) will pay for your advertising!

By Smiling Steve™

Smiling Steve™ riding the elevator in the highest free standing building in North America, which represents having a lot more money!

My blog title — your competition will pay for your advertising — only sounds crazy until you get that it actually works. At that point the only head scratcher is; why don’t the gurus know about this?

Consider this; of the billions of blog posts that are indexed at Google, an Advanced Google Search found none that matched the “exact phrase” for this blog title.

Indeed, nor did searches of related phrases, which only located two of my own (older) posts on the topic.

The point? Since anyone can verify that advanced search showing the web devoid of such knowledge, it gives pause for thought: “Why has no other marketing master posted comparable content?”

Of course, your next though could be:

Is this content even valid?“

It is, and I intend to prove it. So, if you practice willing suspension of disbelief for a few minutes, you will see how simple this is and realize it just makes sense.

Of course, once you have this marketing wizardry working for you too, you may also wonder why seemingly no other online marketing guru — except the retired one who mentored me and those I’ve mentored — knows about this.

Maybe some are “in the know” but, if so, clearly they are keeping it private. After all, they don’t want their competition to have an unfair marketing advantage!

Eyeball grabbing headlines, supported by solid know-how content — the kind that makes entrepreneurs big time money — have a funny tendency to lock down top rank on Google. So . . . I say it again . . . why isn’t anyone writing this content?

Directly or indirectly, your competition and others will pay for your ads. With at least one of those two — if not both — applying to every small to medium business. And, I promise I will “explain the mundane” details but let’s begin with the exciting bits.

“Why isn’t anyone writing this content? Are they worried their competition will learn about their unfair marketing advantage?

Quite a commitment and one I would not have made if I did not use this technique myself and know how powerful it is.

Okay, I realize you have a rather pressing or burning question that needs answering. I mean:

Your competition will pay for your advertising, but why?

Who does that? Right?

The truth is; when it’s presented correctly, anyone will. And below, in italics, is a mini presentation to show how brilliant, yet simple, this concept is:

Suppose you weren’t an eyeball grabbing headline writer or a proven marketing master and I was, and; that we were in the same industry. Lastly, assume that, to explode our businesses, we both depended upon a constant flow of fresh prospects, over a few years.

Of course, it should be noted that generating leads and marketing to these prospects is a relatively expensive proposition for small businesses. If a dramatic reduction in costs could be achieved, without a loss of leads, this would be an obvious win.

In this scenario, I think you would agree that marketing skills are a huge advantage and that mine mean I can generate more leads than you, right? It also means the cost per lead to me is less than for you, if everything else is equal. Now here comes the twist . . .

On average only 1 out of 10 of these prospects buy from me. That’s not because my presentation sucks, actually the opposite is true. It’s just the average result from working diligently with literally the worst category of lead there is; cold market prospects.

The multi million dollar question is; what happens to the other 9?

If 9 out of 10 people essentially find some reason not to buy from me, does this mean they don’t buy from anyone? Absolutely not!

Surveys have shown something remarkable. Within 90 days of answering an ad, half of those who are open to a solution, say from a side hustle or way to make money online, find something they’re comfortable with.

Not as surprising is the fact that those who are “looking” clearly answer several ads and/or find several websites with offers that seem appealing. And, with half of the 10 becoming buyers (or joiners) that means only 1 out of those 5 bought from me. It also means 4 more will and do buy from someone else!

Now, if you, as my competitor, are dealing with 4 prospective buyers and, due to various reasons (like my superior marketing skills), for half the cost of having 5 real prospects, why wouldn’t you be interested?

You don’t have to be a math wiz to get this. But, if the listed averages are accurate, anyone who advertises that is unaware of the “your competition will pay for your advertising” concept, will pay 20% of what they spend for 10 leads per real prospect (remember, only half “buy”).

Meanwhile, my competitors have 4 chances to close, instead of 5, but the cost is cut in half. Therefore, by comparison and with all other things being equal, competitors who buy from me, pay 12.5% of their budget per real lead. That’s a substantial marketing cost reduction of 37.5%!

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Now, parts of the italicized example above are . . . well . . . oversimplified, however I am sure you get the point. Sure, there’s more that needs to be understood about it but, as you can see, it’s smart and simple.

Clearly, the great majority of marketing gurus know less about the topic — known as “the back-end“ — than I do. Or this would be every where, right?

In the above scenario, if I was the direct response marketing expert, I would have already recouped half the cost of my lead generation before making a single sale or converting even one lead. And, this by just finding one party that wanted more leads.

If I now sell two competitors on this justifiable concept, instead of 1, my ad costs are covered. And my competition paid for my entire advertising campaign.

I have done this many, many times!

Am I happy? I guess I am. I am still getting my 1 buyer from 10 leads but, now, I don’t have any credit card debt to pay off from my sales (or, for network marketing reps; from new recruits).

Are my competitors happy? They should be, their cost per hot prospect dropped by a whopping 37.5%!

Now, if it was your desire to double the hot prospects you generated, all you need is two competitors as “partners” that are willing to buy double the example above or twice as many “partners” to work with. Right?

Another scenario is; two or more “partners” that traded their unconverted leads. Bingo, they each have twice as many leads.

If you follow all this, there is an even more remarkable concept at play here:

You can easily have an unlimited advertising budget with this technique alone!

In other words; this is a scalable lead generation system that costs you nothing!

If you knew some competitors but had no knack for marketing and copywriting, would this be off the table? No! Simply get the competitors on board and acquire the leads from a third-party lead generator, like Little John Leads, or hire someone like Smiling Steve™ to devise the ad campaign for you (get another “partner” to pay for the creative!).

If you didn’t know any competitors, you still don’t need to worry. There is a simple strategy for finding them. The only thing you need to be aware of is that “your competition will pay for your advertising” or leads!

Look, this post is about a single concept and there is more to learn about it, like who are the “others” who will pay for your ads? But you now know it works, and that it is a game changer. All you need to do is learn a little more about this simple concept and your business will flourish.

The Free Cheese Secret™ explains ways to profit that you’ve never dreamed of. And, if you are thinking; “So what? You already solved my biggest problem,” hold on a second. As I said, there’s a little more to learn about the “your competition will pay for your advertising” concept and, there’s even greater treasures in store for you below.

Look, if you used “your competition will pay for your advertising” and just a few more of the many concepts in the workbook, you would not only break even on advertising (or buying leads), you would have a significant positive income from this marketing, all before a sale is made or lead is converted in your primary business.

Reading that might wonder; “Are you saying there’s a potential business within my business?” Yes, I am!

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