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Why you aren’t making more money

If you set Google’s Advanced Search feature to list only exact matches for the searched phrase — why you aren’t making more money — it returns over 30,000 online occurrences of those exact 6 words, in that specific order!

When you look at the articles linked to Google’s SERP (search engine result page, which shows the top 10 ranked web pages), you soon realize that most of the world’s media outlets have a published opinion on this topic.

When you have as much entrepreneurial and life experience as I have AND you read the posts linked to the SERP, as you must to be able to write a blog post like this one, you can see that those articles are written for most people, not people who are outside the box/weren’t formed into society’s mold.

These articles contain a boatload of answers, that is everything other than what is truly at the heart of the matter.

Your perception of what you are worth, meaning what job you go for, and; whether or not you are a “team player” at work, while interesting reading, totally ignores the 6,000 pound elephant in the room.

The image in the background is an Elephant icon with the caption; Why you aren't making more money!

Want to truly get paid what you are worth? Then there is only one thing that makes more sense than anything else and, to give you a hint, this is something you must do, there is no getting around it.

No advice on asking for a raise or being a better communicator at work or a better team player comes even remotely close to starting your own business!

For most people that means keep your job, so you can still pay the bills, and start a home based side hustle. But, regardless of how you do it, you must start a business if you want to improve your financial situation as much as is possible for your circumstances.

Obviously, this post assumes the reader is not wealthy already or expecting a sizeable inheritance. That stated, most people need to realize that they must take responsibility for themselves!

So far I have read 13 articles online that came from that Advanced Search and not a single one of them suggested that the real answer to why you aren’t making more money was due to not coming to terms with “if it is meant to be it is up to me” and starting a side hustle. 

The articles about getting a raise also omit the fact that working for a business owner means they are going to have to earn less in order for you  to earn more. Harsh, I know, but none the less, that is the math on that.

A shocked woman pointing up at the caption; You deserve that raise but to get it your boss must make less. For the post; why you aren't making enough money

Sure, no business owner with a brain under pays key staff only to see the result of that stupidity being their key employees are stolen away by the competition. But, and this is a BIG BUT, most business owners are not going to pay more than they think they have to either!

As that thought sinks in and a new reality is formed, I must say this; that is just half the of it.

Employees also need to see that they are giving up responsibility for their own good life to a boss who is at odds with paying them what they are truly worth!

Now let’s change direction for a moment . .

If you’ve read the about section of this site you know that I have not had a job since 1996. Think about that for a sec!

It has been almost 26 years since I had a boss. And, in that quarter of a century, I may have written more on topic of how to go from having a job to adding a part time side hustle to no longer needing a full time job than anyone alive.

I know the subject, inside out and backwards.

In addition, I have worked with more than 30,000 people personally and spoken to many times that number while helping or trying to help my contacts succeed (meaning working with their contacts) . . and 1 thing jumps out at me.


If you think you are going to bank the same amount without using both the tax advantages of being a business owner plus the home office write off, you need to talk to an accountant.

Before I go on, for clarity, all it takes is a side hustle to have both of these things.

Look, there are plenty of articles that talk about taking on responsibility at work and asking for a raise but not so many about realizing that if you are to earn what you are truly worth it has nothing to do with a job.

From wage slavery (term for those in low paying jobs – link to Wikipedia) to life in a gilded cage (link to Collins Dictionary), jobs are not what many think they are.

A job is not security. A job certainly does not lead to freedom. And a job does not mean you can live right AND retire with dignity.

For employees:

Only through one taking responsibility for themselves AND starting to learn & apply skills in their own side hustle, can they truly gain control over their lives.

If you read a recent post I wrote, called MY WHY you will see that what motivates me is simple. I don’t want to HAVE TO work the rest of my life. 

I love this stuff. Sharing the road least traveled or path to a better life. I will probably do this the rest of my life but not because I have to. And only when I want to!

The reason why you aren’t making more money is you have not taken responsibility for your own future. There, now you do not need to spend a lot of money on therapy. 


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