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What is Bait & Switch?

Oddly, all 3 topics belong in the answer to “What is Bait and Switch?” 

Online marketers needs to know about the most offensive online marketing ploy. And, especially how to avoid employing it.

Of course, after the sharp marketer discovers online “bait and switch” they may do some research on Google. If they do, it won’t take long to discover that a certain technique in fishing and an old school off-line retail marketing trick also bare the same name!

Online Bait and Switch is dastardly too, but not illegal (yet). Here’s how it typically works:

  1. An advertiser runs an ad that implies that a prospect will receive a solution to a their problem, usually for free. It is misleading advertising but not illegal because it — the ad — never uses words that would be “false advertising”.
  2. Then the prospect with the problem is served up lots of “content” that further describes their problem but never comes forward with the solution.
  3. Finally, an offer is made that actually contains the solution. And, the bait (that was free) is switched to buying an information product.
  4. The bait and switch seller continues to drip more and more content, making offers with each “drip” — believing that “most buying takes places after a minimum of 7 impressions!”

How many of those who opt-in for free end up feeling like they were mislead? 

If you believe that your list is your most valuable asset, would you want to upset people on it because you used questionable marketing techniques?

It is a valuable question; “What is Bait and Switch?” And, because of the other two examples of bait and switch, it’s tough to find content to link to to show other experts writing about this, but that does not mean it isn’t happening daily.

Now, what if you could market to your list never misleading your followers? In other words; what if your marketing could be as effective without offending followers and subscribers?

Wouldn’t that be wiser?

I recently finished a workbook that is meant to couple with a workshop but also stands alone. And it shows how to market without using bait and switch.

Want the first part of it for free with no string attached? Click here.

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  1. Bait and switch hate the term by the way because it misleads people into thinking that the person giving them information has their best interests at heart and they really don’t is alarming. And like this article mentions if you believe your list is your most valuable asset WHY would you want to destroy it? Bad business and credibility is shot!

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