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Below my picture, at the bottom of the page is why you are on the right site. Or you could just click one of the 4 images below to get specific information on only the topic that interests you (rather than everything). Enjoy.

Smiling Steve™

You can click my picture above to find out more about me but this page is not the place to discuss your truly but how to help you.

How could your life be better?

This site’s title, which is has to do with more income or more free time, may sound a tad oversimplified until you realize that the overwhelming majority of people either work too much or get paid too little — with some having both issues.

Even successful people or those who seem successful have problems. And, if we can skip over relationship train wrecks and discussions about teenagers – as this site cannot advise you on either of those two issues – most problems can be boiled down to just two things.

Time & Money.

They are at the core for almost every issue that is not about relationships. And, even relationship problems are commonly at least partially do to these issues. 

Successful people, for instance, may be making the big bucks but they work a lot too. And employees make little (by comparison), which means and need more income but what is the best way to get it?

What I really do is supply information and ideas that solve these two core problems. 

To give you an example, in 2001 when I first earned a million dollars in a year, I took 12 weeks off.

Top commissioned sales people, bricks-and-mortar business owners and Corporate Executives have never imagined earning that kind of money and getting a week’s vacation every month!

How did I do it?

More importantly, how can you do it too?

The answer to that is dependent on your circumstances. With that in mind I broke it down – your possible circumstances – into 4 categories above.

I actually could have added a 5th and a 6th but . . for simplicity, I chose 4. And 95% of people fit into these.

Retired without enough income is the 5th option, which I will write a post about. And the 6th is “bricks and mortar business owners” such as restaurant owners, which I wrote an article about decades ago, called:

“More Bums in the Seats!”

I will rewrite this article as a post soon and link it here.

The four categories above are all easy to help. And I have lots of content for each category.

I should also mention that anyone who is already in any business that deals with consumers (B2C) should read my book;

 The Free Cheese Secret

You can download the first 12 pages of the book here.