Unlimited Advertising Budget

By Smiling Steve™

Smiling Steve™ riding the elevator in the highest free standing building in North America, which represents having a lot more money!

This website introduces exciting direct response marketing concepts, including the unlimited advertising budget“, that myself and others,  have used for decades to make the competition jealous!

I assure you, an unlimited advertising budget was not known to Mad Men.

Yes, I did just make reference to a TV Program about advertising executives in the nineteen-sixties. And, of course, that show’s title was a play on words with “ad men,” mad from “Madison Avenue” and — well, because of the show’s characters were “mad!”

My point is; unlike what premiered on Mad Men, this concept is far from nuts but it is crazy. Because your competition will wonder how you do it.

Of interest, though, is why the concept isn’t common.

There are many web posts that contain the phrase “unlimited advertising budget”, in the meta descriptions or the body of the post. But that’s not what they teach at all. 

These sites teach what to do if you don’t have deep pockets. In other words, they refer to small businesses as NOT having an unlimited advertising budget.

Such blog posts and YouTube videos are little more than mundane.

The sad bit? Most small business owners who read the phrase that is this blog’s title and that’s shamefully misused in many blogs, would shake their heads in agreement with that misuse.

Look, business owners wouldn’t read blog posts if they weren’t looking for solutions to their problem. And, the so-called gurus of this world prey on this, using a vulnerability to sell their low quality solutions.

Then again, these bloggers can’t really be blamed, as they do not know that anyone can have an unlimited advertising budget.

“Any small business owner can have an unlimited advertising budget!”

Of course, those who learn SEO and think they now know marketing cannot be blamed for spinning the potential of “organic traffic” as the as the best solution even though it’s not.

Look, SEO is worth doing long term but, we can solve our need for more customers, fans or followers tomorrow, whereas SEO will take 6 months!

Even after 6 months, SEO will not make you the big bucks. That takes 2 years and, it is worth doing but, my way, you can pay for SEO from profits earned in weeks, not years!

An unlimited advertising budget is not pie in the sky and it is not a reflection of money in the bank or available lines of credit. Nor does it involve maxing-out credit cards and praying that the ad will sell enough to pay for itself!

Once you have a wealth of knowledge — of the right kind —money isn’t an or even the issue. In fact, nothing will hold you back.

We have limitless potential if we have know-how, not because of a bank balance or creditworthiness.

A lack of business knowledge is what causes us to miss reaching our potential or even never start. And, this is not the kind of education you get at business school.

How do I know the professors at the prestigious London School of Economics don’t teach an unlimited advertising budget? Because if they knew how, they wouldn’t be professors any longer.

Why would anyone spend their life in academia and teach concepts that would earn them many times more as an entrepreneur?

Now, please, I am not demeaning the careers of teachers, I am just expressing why more teachers would become entrepreneurs if they knew what I know.

Instead of derogatory references to limited advertising budgets, bloggers who pretend at being marketing gurus could just as easily teach (or do) the opposite. Meaning, they would not look for organic traffic to deal with a lack of advertising budget if they knew that money in the bank had nothing to do with how much advertising one could do.

If they only knew how, right?

There could be gobs of eyeball grabbing headlines and meta descriptions for web pages designed to attract people from Google searches to mind boggling content that teaches how to have an “unlimited advertising budget!” Sadly, there isn’t and that is why I wrote this!

Web pages with explanations of direct response marketing concepts that work, that end up with those who use them literally laughing all the way to the bank, just aren’t common.

Sure, SEO works. But can you wait 2 years to get ahead? And, it is relatively expensive, so wouldn’t you rather pay for it with increased profits than go into debt to hire an SEO guru?

There’s lots of self-serving spin that I would coach you to stay clear of. You know, like the “buy this $199 a month funnel system” with an inference that this will dramatically increase your income. And there are many courses, like the ones for $995 that contain SEO and absolutely nothing or little on back end marketing.

The truth? Small business owners see advertising as a cost or even a necessary evil. The act of advertising, for them, is risky rather than being the best profit center that will ever be available to them.

Was this your belief? Would it be okay if I dispelled it?

What if advertising wasn’t risky?

Last week’s blog post was called “Your competition (and others) will pay for your advertising!” And it is a must read.

However, even though the concept in my last post is terrific, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. However, it will open your mind to one way to have an unlimited advertising budget.

There is much more in my 70 page workbook that I am going to give you a large portion of for free below.

Speaking of just where people’s heads are at, if you do a quick check on Ubersuggest—a web based tool for looking up the number of times keywords are searched on Google — you will find no one goes online to learn how to have an unlimited adverting budget. Zero searches, and I’m not surprised.

So, if I do not belong on Mad Men, meaning I am not buts — just a little bit crazy — and you are beginning to believe this actually works, how quickly do you think your competition would like to steal your ideas if they only knew how it worked?

The point is; they might call you crazy at first, but when you show up driving a brand new Lexus or Tesla, they are going to wish they read this post and got my book (but you don’t need to tell them about my book do you? LOL).

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