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The Press Release is a Network Marketing secret weapon!

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Very few Network Marketing participants or Independent Reps (IRs) have ever done a press release. And though there is a simple reason why, they are missing out on so much if they do not use occasional press releases.

As Social Media gets more and more inundated with IRs pushing information on people, the whole concept of pull-through marketing has slowly been lost. And press releases are one of the ultimate examples of pull-through marketing.

Some IRs in Network Marketing practice Law of Attraction, mostly on social media (not in-person, which is a shame), which is pull-through and far better than push marketing. However, it is still lacking due to marketing to a small number of people (often one at a time).

If we ask those who use Law of Attraction posts to explain professional marketing skills and they can’t. Most are completely clueless that there’s a whole world of effective marketing outside of social media.

This author loves to see good law of attraction posts on social media marketing, but would never rely on social media alone to generate new prospects!

Guest Speaking

There are boatloads of live and recurring side hustle events, from YouTube channels to Podcasts to multi-channel shows. And they badly need more great guests.

Your website and Press Release are perfect intros into this world of guest speaking. And when you do speak on someone else’s show, you always get more followers.

As long as your own content provides value, some of your followers, which came from speaking on shows, will become customers or new IRs.

Now, there are some tricks to attracting people from the shows you are on and tricks in how you present your own content to provide value and become a trusted source, but press releases are the things that kick this off.

Press Releases add Credibility

When a website visitor sees that your website was featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and other affiliates, plus in media around the world, it makes you look great. This leads to more followers (opt-ins) and more speaking opportunities. 

As already mentioned, more speaking attracts followers. And that is powerful.

The main benefits of press releases are:

1.  Increased Credibility & Visibility;

site visitors are impressed to see your site and brand featured in the news. In fact, it is mind-blowing to some and that increases the rate of website visitors that are converted, especially to opt-ins.

Of course, this also increases your chances of getting speaking gigs, and this author even offers to do a press release about a speaking gig, which promotes the show of the host too.

Increased credibility will also lead to joint ventures with other marketers and to sponsors or (or advertising in) your own content.

They are well worth doing if used correctly.

2. Higher Website visitor conversion rates

Increasing opt-ins is one thing. Increasing sales is another, and there is no doubt that occasional press releases do this too.


Images of the logos of the media companies and network affiliates that reprint the press release can go on your own site. They look sharp because they are in colour, and if they appear in a thin column at the side of the site, all visitors will see them.

They cannot help to be impressed when they see AS FEATURED ON above the column with the media logos. And up go conversions.

3. Search Engine Optimization;

Press Releases need to be about something, like an event or a new product. But if they are done correctly, having more backlinks to your site does increase he rank of your website.

This is a bit oversimplified but, if all things are equal, meaning your competitors’ website has the same amount of similar quality content as yours, if you have more backlinks than they do, your site will rank higher.

So, all we need is something to announce, and we can do regular press releases, which will increase your website’s rank on Google (and other search engines).

The Competition Slaying Secret Weapons for Network Marketing include the Press Release

This image shows a book cover as a paperback and on a tablet and phone with the title Five Competition Slaying Secret Weapons, one of which is the Press Release

The first chapter in this book is all about Press Releases and, specifically, the need to do them frequently. And that is because they work.

If you use the form on the right, you will receive press release info, including how we can write it for you or just distribute it for you, and a copy of chapter 1 of this book. 

When we distribute a press release, our client is guaranteed to have it end up (reprinted) on over 250 mainstream media websites.

Complete the form below so we can send you info about how we can help with & distribute your Press Release

We will email you right after you complete the form. That email with have costs for us to write a press release for you and the cost of distributing the press release (we can guarantee that at least 200 media sites will reprint/post it).

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3 Press Release Announcement Examples (below):

This is a screenshot of the Borrowed Belief press release announcing the release of this book
This press release on July 5, 2023, announced
the release of the book, Borrowed Belief
This is screenshot of the distribution report of the press release for the book Borrowed Belief
The distribution report of the press release for the book Borrowed Belief, showing that 290 media sites reprinted the release
This press release on April 18, 2023, announced
the new podcast; The Rabbi Who Got Rich on Sunday
This screenshot shows the distribution report for the press release for the podcast; The Rabbi Who Got Rich on Sunday.
The distribution report of the press release for the podcast; The Rabbi Who Got Rich on Sunday. A total of 349 media sites reprinted this release.
The press release for the website; Garden Like a Master
This press release is about to be dropped and annoucnes the membership website called; Garden Like a Master (website image below).
A screenshot of the Garden Like a Master website
A screenshot of the Garden Like a Master website

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