The book Advertising Execs didn't want anyone to write!

The Free Cheese Secret™

You don’t have to read about The Free Cheese Secret™ and the workbook’s many benefits because you can just click this link and get your “free cheese” right now (or scroll to the bottom of the page).

If, on the other hand, you are thinking:

Wait, I want to know a little more information before I opt-in and hand you my email address.” I don’t blame you. Read on.

Yes, in a fun, tongue-in-cheek kind of way, this workbook will inflict some pain on the advertising industry, though the dent will be small. But, how will it hep you?

So far, most entrepreneurs who read the first 12 pages of The Free Cheese Secret™ are shocked. They realize that they’ve wasted much time and/or money!

You see; “The way you make real money in business is not the way you think!”

You will be relieved to know that it is not the result of working harder.

In fact, the great majority of advice entrepreneurs receive (or read online) is misleading, and, often, self serving. But that’s no surprise, right?

Sure, reps or owners of small ad shops and SEO marketing firms plus the overwhelming number of online gurus — that tell you what to do and don’t do it themselves — know what they know. But rarely is their knowledge complete in regards to the most powerful component of direct response marketing, and it’s twin-brother; digital marketing.

I will give you a surprising hint. It is not SEO!

Instead, it’s the marketing you could be doing with your list of followers, fans and/or customers, that is broadly known as:

Back End Marketing

The operative word of what I have just conveyed is “complete.” Very few have a have a profound understanding of where real money is made.

Most think they cannot afford advertising until they make more money and spend a fortune in time trying to fight with a billion other content posts to rank on Google — no that there is anything wrong with ranking a web page. It’s that there are faster ways to make more money either online or off-line!

Unfortunately, the online guru community, who all too often think they are “all that,” tend to be the most ignorant. They know technology and everything to do with websites and even SEO optimization, but little about the vast and exiting subject of back end marketing, especially anything that can be done off-line to set up online back end marketing profits.

In truth, the techies of this world need The Free Cheese Secret™ even more than you do.

To give you an idea of just how bad the “think they’re all that” online guru crowd are, check this out:

A recent video ad on Facebook, that was promoting one of various rentable and severely overpriced stand-alone funnel systems, actually suggested this:

You don’t even need a website today!”

Really?? How else will anyone build towards organic traffic sans website?

Oh, sans is en français — how the French say without.

Sure, you can make a fortune with online ads. I mean, that’s exactly what this workbook is about. But . . . that advice is beyond shocking and obviously self serving.

People who are selling stand-alone Funnel Marketing systems may even believe they can help you but make no mistake, their goal is to sell you a funnel system. Period.

To actually suggest that a website is not needed . . . well . . . that’s horrific!

Sure, systems that funnels enable are critical. In fact, the web page you are on is part of a funnel, though the technology this site employs is far less expensive than stand-alone funnel systems. But, my point? Simple:

The long term power of your direct response marketing efforts requires you to have a website. And not an affiliate site, your own website.

Of course, organic traffic means website visitors from Google searches that did end up on your site due to advertising, remarketing, email marketing or word of mouth!

Of course, when they get there, you want them to opt ion and receive your email marketing and remarketing. But when they first arrive, as long as you did not cause that (other than through SEO), that is organic traffic.

I have researched many gurus, just to study what they do. And, I discovered lots of strange stuff. For instance:

If it were not for their own marketing, their website would have almost no traffic. In other words, the traffic they get that appears to be of the organic nature is actually arriving due to word of mouth or things like promotional webinars.

My concern?

People who are eager to earn more get sucked in by their nonsense!

Oh, and don’t panic. The “long term” I just referred to is a few months, not years. And, smart marketers are making money simultaneous to building towards the desired organic traffic they will soon enjoy.

No small business owner needs to starve while waiting for organic traffic, which is NOT what’s taught in most “blogging & vlogging for cash” courses!

Any business can cash in way before organic traffic begins to happen. 

The point? There’s some pain in the beginning of your marketing but it is not that painful. And no where near what many gurus suggest (blogging to get rank on Google is 6 months to a year!).

Indeed, nor does anyone need to spend big bucks on funnels and advertising. And that is the other key.

These two reasons are, in part, why I wrote The Free Cheese Secret™.

Anyway, from your perspective, what you should want is the incomparable goods on what works, and that’s what this book offers. Not SEO hype (I will steer you clear of the baloney), FUNNEL nonsense, or the totally ignorant statement that “you have to get your name out there!”

What you need is not website traffic, it’s a list. Period. And all other advice is not worth listening too!

To build your list you do not need expensive funnel systems. You do need your own website and some skills — the know-how of how to do generate your list and what to do with that list.

Growing your list is the key to your success. But so is how to profit from it.

Look, this The Free Cheese Secret™ doesn’t delve into the technical BUT . . .

I do offer DIY content as a free extra. And, you can read the first 35 or 36 minutes of this workbook for free!

The technical stuff in vlog and blog posts is perfect for those DIYers — the small business owners who cannot outsource. But it is also needed (to some degree) by those who do outsource, so they know if the SEO and website services are valuable or a rip off!

Of course, the other reason why the book is not highly technical is the critical need to understand back end marketing. After building rapport, it is the most important money making skill you will ever learn!

Oh, I should share that I am also offering a members club? That is right, anyone who reads the first the first 12 pages of the workbook gets to join the Eyeball Grabbers club for free for a whole month!

As one of the “Eyeball Grabbers”, you will have access to continual releases of cracking-good content  that shares successes and failures that did not make it into the workbook (videos and written reports).

Oh, and after your first 30 days of free access, you will not need to break the bank to stay a member. As membership costs just $5 a month (paid yearly or $15 monthly).

I’m talking about pulling the curtain back.

You will see exactly what this wizard is doing. Day-by-day and week-by-week!

By the way, the workbook also comes with a workshop, that is virtual and interactive (live). It helps you get more out of the workbook but, with COVID, we can’t get together, so it is webinar based, as that was the next best way.

The workshop is an added expense. But, if you decide you want that, you will get bonuses, like membership to the Eyeball Grabbers club for a whole year!

The concept? What I offer will take care of anything anyone could possible need to grow their business stress free.

The focus begins with the book. Specifically with the 35 or 36 minute read that will spill the beans on direct response marketing and the back end.

Again, you will be in-the-know for free.

If you take the free stuff and go on to work the rest out through trial and error, without the workshop or the rest of the workbook, more power to you. At least you will know what you do not know now and that will save you months or years.

By the way, professionals in large ad agencies don’t try on the ridiculous con that small business owners hear all too frequently, which is “you gotta get your name out there” (a self serving line meant to get ads placed). But the big agencies are not interested in day-by-day marketing either.

They create the fabulous “look” that big brands want but, when it comes to the fine details of marketing, they don’t want to touch it.

They aren’t staffed for it.

They don’t need to be, as big businesses have internal departments for direct response marketing and day-to-day branding details.

What most big business do not have is the studio and staff to make commercials and viral videos. Or the artists to create stunning visuals, which is what the big ad agency provides today.

Since the Madmen type agency went the way of the Dodo, Big Ad Agencies don’t do the day-to-day stuff. And, that is where the real money-maker for medium and small businesses is.

The small agency and/or SEO firm offer specific work, like optimizing for organic web traffic and running Google and Facebook ads. But few know old school marketing, which is painfully obvious.

These small players would not be happy to find out that I wrote this book. Because, now, you can do what needs to be done yourself (or internally) for a fraction of the cost of outsourcing (actually it won’t “cost” anything but I’m getting ahead here)!

It’s no wonder execs from the smaller ad agencies won’t write anything like The Free Cheese Secret™ . . . for them it’s pure economic suicide, like cutting their own wrists, as this type of book drives the small agencies’ clients away!

Of course, most couldn’t write it anyway, and not because they lack the communication skills. After all, that is the business they are in.

You can’t write what you don’t know!

To the online guru, monetization is where its at. And, in its worst form, monetization has your competitors’ ads on your website — why would anyone think ads from other businesses on their own site was a good idea (unless a website that sells ads was their business model)?

In its best form, monetization is creating YouTube videos to sell more customers, like to B&B rooms at a Chateau. Then the back end marketing and monetization of videos makes more money than from renting said rooms!

The challenge with the later idea is; no one needs an ad agency for that. After all, making a YouTube video is relatively simple and that is another reason why ad agencies don’t want to publish this kind of information.

Take a look at the deep-dive I’ve done on Stephanie Jarvis. The title of the video she did on on YouTube tells it all; “How YouTube saved my Chateau!”

That brings me to my next point.

So-called online gurus never learned old school marketing. Though they have digital marketing skills, they don’t know the true value of a customer, fan or follower list, because their knowledge of back end marketing is not complete.

If the last line of defense between your success and your failure was the marketing skills of a digital marketer, you need to know that I am yet to find one that doesn’t have a gaping whole in that line so wide you could drive a brigade of tanks through it!  

Unfortunately, that opening in their defenses — as long as we’re referring to marketing knowledge as a line of defense — is also where the real money is made.

This book, which is really a workbook for an interactive workshop conducted online, but easily stands-alone too, explains many of the more or less forgotten marketing and advertising skills that worked just as effectively for Madmen (advertising in the 60’s) as today, in “the digital age“.

Yes, all of the skills in the book have been extensively tested online. In fact, they work better today, as there is no time delay to discover what’s working, which was a challenge in the direct mail days and still is with magazine advertising.

When I say “secret” I am not using it the way one would associate with whispering quietly in the corner. I am talking about little known facts that are also little known direct response marketing skills. 

What stuns me every time I think about it is:

The skills that digital marketers don’t know are the very same ones that  maximize your return from advertising, remarketing, email marketing, SEO and organic traffic!

Try thinking of this as a business-within-the-business and, believe me when I tell you, it’s the source of the lion’s share of your future profits. 

Stephanie Jarvis and, her friend, Michael Pethrick, now know that their real profit is not going to come from renting rooms in a chateau — even though Stephanie stumbled on it. And, all I can say is; “good on them!”

However, even Stephanie and Michael don’t get this:

It is work done off-line and in remarketing that makes what we do online really profitable. And, if they were reading this, the only thing they could connect that statement with is; “well, I edit my videos off-line and we set up appointments to tour other chateaus over the phone!”

If you have read this far, it’s obvious that I am not talking about paperwork or video editing or telephone calls to set up interesting lifestyle content or anything else you do in your admin time. Nor am I talking about advertising as being unique, though it can be.

This is so little known that:

The chances are almost 100% that people like Michael and Stephanie will never trip over the answer without help (I didn’t!). And, though you have to love him, Dan Kennedy doesn’t even teach it (and for good reasons).

Now, anyone reading my workbook, The Free Cheese Secret™, will get it, in as long as it takes to read the first 12 pages, which are currently available for free!

Remember, online gurus have limited knowledge of back end marketing, so you can’t find out the secret of your future wealth from whomever is currently whispering in your ear.

Before this goes off-track, the secret is not starting a YouTube channel (at least not for everyone). 

The good news? These secret marketing methods will amaze and delight you because they work. And, after all, you are getting clued-in for free!

Some of the highlights include but are not limited to:

If your advertising ends up not costing you anything, how much would you do?

This is not to be confused with posting in Facebook groups, which is free. And, no, the inference is not that the ad profit pays for the ad because what I will introduce you to works even before the ad runs! And, no, that is not a misprint.

If “your competition and others will pay for your advertising” (and be glad to do it), how much advertising would you do?

After all, you would effectively have an unlimited advertising budget“!

“Your customers are worth more than you think!”

This explains how back end marketing and remarketing to followers, fans and customers, creates a win-win-win. Yes, there were 3 “wins” there and that means the relationships you build through your output (content) have some rather surprising profit centers that not one of the current crop of digital gurus has ever published content on. At least not that I have found in 3 years of looking! 

The above benefits are great and represent value that easily justifies the 35 or 36 minutes it will take you to read the first 12 pages of the workbook. However, the huge value that is on offer here is not the above but the elimination of years of trial and error.

As quick as you can snap your fingers — well, not quite, more like read 12 pages — you will have learned what it takes advertising executives a whole career to have in their arsenal.

In fact, too many advertising people never amass the skills in the book!

Now imagine you no longer need to guess what works or try to figure it out through trial and error. Then you could easily expand your business or market in a new one. And you could do that immediately!

What IF you knew before you started that a new campaign or business would succeed? What would you dare to do then?

What would it be worth to you to know the concepts that work 100% of the time in marketing and advertising? How much a frustration and years of testing and untold amounts of money wasted will be eliminated by what I am giving you for free?

The advertising industry will wish this book was never written: 

The Free Cheese Secret

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Free Cheese

What is the free cheese secret? First, notice this question is about the concept, not about the book. And, second; (A) free cheese is the hook, the bait, the giveaway, the freebie, but; (B) the secret is this is Bait without the Switch.

Bait and Switch originally came from retail sales but online it is really two things, with both of the styles of Switch offending a significant minority of the people who opt in (or join your permission based marketing list).

The secret then is; your marketing can be effective — in fact, even more effective — without the switch. So why chose to offend some of the people on your list?

Another concept that is not in the workbook but that will be delivered to everyone who gets the first 12 pages for free, is entitled; You be out of your mind not to do this! It explains why everyone should start some kind of business, even if only a side hustle (part time)!

Some of the content created by Smiling Steve™ is available for anyone to use under license. These licenses will be offered for a fee in the future to those who buy the workbook, however, are available right now for free to anyone who is willing to supply a testimonial on the book.

Such offers will expire with this giveaway. After all, there is only so much cheese to go around and, as stated above, the free offer of 12-pages is for a limited time. Once we have the number of testimonials we are looking for, this will all cost money!

In addition, everyone who decides to take advantage of this “free cheese” offer will also receive the next year of content, also free. And, the good news keeps coming but we intend to save some of these delightful surprises for emailing out later on.

Yes, we will offer everyone who takes the free 12-pages offer a chance to acquire the workbook for $37 and we will also make a second offer for the workbook & workshop (the equivalent of a weekend but offered through live, interactive online webinars), combined for only $89 . However, with all sincerity, anyone who reads the basics in the first 12 pages — that we are offering now for free — has a far better chance of succeeding than without that knowledge.

So, please, take this free offer. You will never regret the 36 minutes it takes to read the first 12 pages or the 3 minutes introductory video. And, if you supply a testimonial you will receive a license to use various content, which we will explain in email. Just let’s say that anyone should be excited by this opportunity to provide a testimony.

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