The Free Cheese Secret™ book

The Free Cheese Secret™ is the result of a single, mind boggling event that I attended in 1997 and the path it led me on since.

I was actually a guest of the individual who created the unique workshop I traveled to in Houston!

Yes, I got the training for free and there is a story behind that too. But, let me save that for the book.

In the 25 years since traveling to Houston to immerse myself in learning how the real profit is made in small businesses, I went on to successfully coach over sixteen thousand other small business entrepreneurs in the same skills I learned that weekend in Texas!

Needless to say, I have some stories to tell and, yes, I am still very active today in my career of helping entrepreneurs discover a risk-free methods of dramatically increasing their profits!

If a quarter of a century of doing this taught me anything, it is this;

Less than 1% of small business owners have any clue as to how they can advertise to generate new business without taking any risk.

In fact, not only do very few entrepreneurs get it but, of the ones that do, most only have the basic concept. They are merely scratching the surface.

Now, I don’t care if you are an accountant, a mortgage broker, a real estate agent, a car salesperson or dealer, a home renovator, a trainer, a massage therapist, musician or an independent representative of a Direct Selling company. What I teach works — for any small business.

My book supplies many examples including the hero of the story who sells HOW TO information about the piece of the marketing puzzle that nearly no one gets.

Today, that means online marketing (and its many back-ends). But, this works if you are doing tradeshows or in a retail sales business or Network Marketing or you name it.

That means that the secret in The Free Cheese Secret™ is universal. It applies to any business that needs to find new customers.

It especially applies to businesses that not only want to generate new business but also want to keep those customers too.

Yes, the hero of The Free Cheese Secret™ is Smiling Steve™. And, yes, the book’s leading man sort of mirrors me, meaning he does some of the things I did. 

The point? If you strip away the artistic license in the book and forget about the similarities if the character to myself, you stand to learn the ZERO RISK way of making a lot more money in your existing business.

With both COVID and Supply Chain Issues having hurt many businesses, I decided to give away the first 6 Chapters of the book for free. And, this portion does contain the 2 big secrets that nearly every small business entrepreneur doesn’t know and desperately needs to.

So I am giving away this information. That means this is a real FREE offer.

Yes, I will try to sell you the other 44 chapters and a lifetime of follow ups for $37. But you will learn the basics for free.


The crazy part about this is; the big bucks are made without having to put any additional effort into your business or incurring any risk.

The risk free way to  get and keep more customers, fans, followers, patience or clients.

Back in 1997, when I found out about this, my struggling business literally exploded and by 2001 things had changed so much that I was featured in a North American wide newsstand magazine!

In 2000 and 2001 my yearly income went over a million dollars!

Smiling Steve™ - author of The Free Cheese Secret™ - pictured in a newsstand magazine in 2001

To say that I am over the moon to no longer see things the way I once did doesn’t quite do the change that can come from this book justice.

Now, let me ask you, have you ever heard of a marketing guru saying this;

Your competition will pay for your advertising and be only too happy to do it to!

Since what I just suggested is more than just possible, why aren’t gurus climbing on their virtual soap boxes to scream this out to the online world through every social media platform there is? Hmm . .

For that matter, have any of your friends in business ever asked you this question;

If you never had to pay for advertising, how much would you like to do?

In fact, truth be told, almost no online or off-line business entrepreneur ever wonders;

Who else sells to my customers?

If they do, all they think of is related businesses. In other words, a homesteader that you follow on YouTube might do a shout out in a video about a tool that makes small farming easier. What they won’t do is refer their readers to a specialized accountant, even though the need is massive.

The Free Cheese Secret™ teaches the back-end of marketing in a way that I have never seen from anyone, including the marketing greats like Dan Kennedy.

So . . when I tell you that your customers, clients (Professionals), patients (Doctors), fans (actors, comedians or musicians), followers (Social Media gurus) and even your sales prospects are worth more than you think — I can not only prove it and I wrote the book on it too!

In my book free cheese is not just a sample or physical product. But it also replaces the word online gurus adopted, which is lead magnet.

See if this makes sense . .

Most online gurus — who think they know self funded advertising — talk about the Lead Magnet, which is given away for free (or ‘free cheese’). But the challenge is; their limited understanding almost always goes to replicating what they do, which is offering some digital or information giveaway.

If you followed such a so-called guru you might have a challenge. For instance, how do businesses selling physical products do this?

Those “experts” don’t know the answer and that is why I wrote The Free Cheese Secret™. 

This — what is contained in the book — is not just pull through marketing THAT WORKS FOR ANY BUSINESS but the back-end of marketing made simple. 

The limited thinking and comprehension of those who teach how advertising makes money is costing entrepreneurs a fortune!

Crazier still? Most entrepreneurs never get exposed to a self funded advertising system, meaning they would not know the difference between  gurus who teach the good, the bad or the ugly!

That means that even though I can tell you that teaching the use of a “lead magnet” simply denies the 6,000 pound elephant in the room (that sampling physical products are a great way to attract new business), most business owners don’t practice marketing skills, let alone know what the back-end of marketing is.

Literally every small business entrepreneur should read the first 6 chapters of The Free Cheese Secret™. Maybe only one in a thousand would not learn something in the half an hour it takes to do that.

Before I drop the subject of do so-called gurus, let me pose one more question about them; why are they missing most of the puzzle (like sampling physical products)? This is as real as it gets;

You can’t do what you don’t know!

Of course, that means gurus who are ignorant of all the back ends of advertising can’t teach it either, right?

I know I said it already but I am going to say it again; that is why I wrote The Free Cheese Secret™.

As I write this, it is 25 years to the day since I sat through that seminar in Houston, I can’t believe that I was compelled to write the book.

I thought everyone would know by now.

Not only don’t entrepreneurs know but the gurus teaching them don’t even know a small percentage of the fascinating subject of the back-end of advertising! 

Yes, the real value of acquiring fans, followers, customers, clients, patients and even sales prospects is not making the sale or selling the music or “monetizing” the video or in providing professional services. It is, in fact, in the back-end.

What else can I sell my customers?

Those who are involved in the Direct Selling industry (Network Marketing, Party Plan, etc.) think the back end is residual income. And they are not wrong but they are still missing a huge piece of the puzzle!

If all a guru thinks is how to sell a course in order to self fund an ad and then how to upsell customers from there, they are shooting themselves in the foot.

Don’t get me wrong, profit is a good word and if some of that ‘bank’ comes from selling products, providing services, entertainment or art, great. It’s just not where the real money is at.

If $2000 a month of profit is made after the business owner pays themselves, an extra $4000 of income that is suddenly realized doubles the monthly profit of that business!

Now the owner can take a larger salary.

The best part about this is, again, is there is no risk. This is a no risk way to run an unlimited amount of advertising!

What I am saying is; keep doing what you do and add this too. It will pay fir you to have a team and then some. And that means you do not need to invest any more time either.

Recap; no financial risk and you do not need to work harder either!

The real question we need to ask ourselves as entrepreneurs is;

Who else sells to my customers?

Of course, that last question can be converted to “who else sells to my clients” or replace “clients” and “customers” with “audience” or “fans” and so on. You get the point.

Just don’t forget ‘prospects’ if you are in any type of sales game!

In addition, if you advertise and create a list of people interested in what you offer, even those who never buy from you will make you money too.

Now, to understand this you need to read The Free Cheese Secret™.

Here is my 100% free offer . . no credit card required:

The first 6 chapters of the book and 2 videos (both very short) spill the beans on what you need to know. And you can have that bundle of learning for free with no strings attached!

Read my lips; this is free. Period.

Of course, as I already stated, I will try to sell you the other 44 chapters of the book later.

I will also include in my follow up offer a lifetime of updates of what my readers and myself are doing using “free cheese” and the “secret” in our marketing — all for the ridiculously low fee of $37. But you will already know the secret (actually there are two secrets but I don’t want to confuse you!).

The price? Free!

Your only investment is the 35 minutes it takes to consume the content (6 chapters, 3 ‘slices of life’ & two short videos).

That is it.

There’s no catch. You do not need to buy anything, ever.

To be clear, you also do not need to supply a form of payment to get the download either.

No your name will not be sold. Your privacy will not be given away. You don’t owe me your next born. And that is all.

Do yourself a favor. 

Read the first 6 chapters!

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