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The one hour a day success formula.

Can you change your life in 7 hours a week?

The incomparable Earl Nightingale released a record called “The Strangest Secret” in 1956.

That was sixty-five years ago, before I was born.

This was during the time that people listened to 8-track in the car (Google it) and needed an album (record) to listen at home. After all, audio cassettes weren’t released until September of 1963!

So, the world has changed  since then, to say the least. And that might make some think that Earl’s advice is unusable today, right?

Well, hold on a  minute.

It is my belief that his advice forms perhaps the most remarkable framework for success that was ever recorded. In particular, these words jump out at me;

Decades after hearing this for the first time I do have a slightly different point of view about this advice than I originally had. But, first, I must say that these words translate very well today.

If you think about studying things like communication and the art of persuasion, you realize quickly that there is no way to to Lead The Field in these things without practice, is there?

Study, then, is learning and application. For you would need to be studying what others think after you speak. Right?

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Mastering a business and mentoring others are all skills that you can hear master talk about but then you must apply that information if you too are to become a master. Am I making sense?

A friend of mine who has published like 40 books on Amazon, and has some of them translated into several languages, talks about how you can change your life in 15 minutes a day, which to some would sound even more ludicrous until you hear the rest of it.

You see, Big Al (as he is known) is talking about 15 minutes of application a day (0n average). he also recommends listening to audios to do the study part wile shaving or putting on make up or driving or taking public transport. 

If you think about it, his solution is similar to one hour a day.

If what we do is put into today’s words we would be talking about “Building a Brand” or “Building our Own Brand” and that really means learning how to influence others.

It is still just communication and that takes skills. Skills take exposure to information, or study, and application of what you have learned.

Big All does not mention in his book the mentoring or coaching done to clients or tam members or “downline” that happens after you become a master. So, one you no longer need to study information as much as you once did, that time is replaced by coaching.

One Hour A Day. That sounds like the an appropriate commitment for a side hustle, doesn’t it?

It could be in your field of education. And it could also be in the side hustle field you have chosen. Here is how that might look;

  • Just one hour a day and you could be receiving paid speaking gigs, complete with first class travel and hotels.
  • Just one hour a day and you could be a very successful online brand with multiple streams of income.
  • Just one hour a day and you could a massive Direct Marketing Team
  • Just one hour a day and you could teach people that the best side hustle in the world is teaching others why they need a side hustle and how to start one.

Parts of Earl’s “The Strangest Secret” are on YouTube. You can Google that or just click this link to begin to listen his wisdom

Interestingly, Big Al’s book is applied to his chosen field, which is Direct Selling. But his ideas could just as easily be applied to personal development.

Here is an image of his book cover:

The image is of a cover of a book by Tom Big Al Schreiter; How to build your Network Marketing business in 15 minutes a day!

Tom’s concept of 15 minutes of application and using your unproductive downtime – like cooking or driving or putting on makeup – to listen to an audio training is perfect.

The interesting part is his 15 minutes a day refers to those occasions when you are talking to people anyway. So, there is virtually no personal time lost to build a side hustle business.

You will still be putting on makeup or brushing your teeth or driving a car. And, when you are talking to someone, it takes 1 more minute!

Now, imagine you started 3 new conversations a day and asked a question of each of those 3 people. It is reasonable to project at least 1 of the 3 being interested in starting a side hustle, which is the main focus of your personal brand.

Now, in addition to 3 questions – or fishing –you have one presentation to do a day, which takes 1 more minute. At most, you have now added 5 minutes a day.

So why is Big Al’s book called 15 minutes a day (not including the study you do during unproductive time)? Because a few of them will want to get started. And, if you assume 1-in-3 want to start a side hustle, then the other 10 minuets a day on average comes in the form of 30 minutes every third day.

Do the math. That is 7 hours a week.

However, that is not the whole story, is it? Because you are also becoming an expert in your field. And expertise is sellable.

If you do not sell this knowledge you have, then you gained an asset that is really unrealized or stranded.

Similar to oil in the ground in the future, that is a stranded asset. Only, in this case, it would be locked up in your head, not in the ground!

Strangely, and as if taking a page right out of Earl Nightingale’s personal notebook, the purpose of becoming great at anything is to then market yourself. 

Become great, and you are your brand.

As you go forward, whatever it is you choose to do to “lead the field” . . you will soon be marketing yourself. 

Marketing, then, is another skillset for you to learn, isn’t it? And that’s how & why The Free Cheese Secret™  — my marketing book — which is pictured below;

This is a 3D image of a marketing book by Smiling Steve™ - called; The Free Cheese Secret™

You can read more about this 2nd are of expertise I became proficient at here;

The Free Cheese Secret

One hour a day for 5 years or 2 hours a day for 2.5 years or 3 hours a day for 1.6 years . . it likely took me 2 years to master marketing and that shows you how dedicated I became. 

Of course, I am still working on marketing just as I am still working on one-on-one communication and group & social media influence. So, for me, that is three areas of expertise.

In Earl’s day three was no way to easily become known around the world. So we need to see what he was writing about slightly differently, don’t we?

Three years to be at the top of your field – call that establish a brand nd become a coach. Five years and you will be a National Authority – call that a well known mentor to other coaches. And, in that original recording, seven years to one of the best people in the world at what you do – meaning attaining mastery.

I have been in business for 42 years. So, I ought to be a master in 5 areas of expertise and working on my 6th, right?

7 years to mastery times 6 areas of expertise is 42 years . . 

This is my reality;

  1. Selling or 1-on-1 communication – check!
  2. Public Speaking (over 1,000 webinars!) – check!
  3. Writing (one published book & more than 50 reports) – check!
  4. Direct Marketing – check!
  5. Direct Selling (a specialized version of #1) – again check!
  6. Start Ups (several!) – check!

I would say I am only a few years into social media, so I won’t call myself an expert in that.

If you wanted to be stingy, and thought that starting a business was required in the others, you could call it 5. Five times seven years is 35 years. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Earl Nightingale said this about eh fear of the time it will take to master a thing worth mastering;

Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.


“The time will pass anyway!”

Tick, tick, tick . . 

Time is a passing. Isn’t it time you set aside one hour a day and learned some things that will make you money.

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