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Around my 55th birthday I had a thought so profound it inspired a book & this website, which are or could be your stepping stones to stress free living.

Up until then I had intended on creating and marketing a cracker of a how to course to teach the secrets I’ve learned about earning the type of income needed for stress free living. By marketing such a course unlimited leads could be generated—in a system known as self-funded advertising. 

It works, for sure, but there are serious downsides.

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I knew that if anyone was capable of it, I had the goods to create one of the best courses ever sold. And that I could use it, with the ads it would fund, to build a lot of prospects and social media followers but there’s a danger with that move. I would forever be known as another sellout!

Having the sellout moniker—a Direct Selling professional who chose to flog a self created course for the main purpose of looking after one’s own self interest—wasn’t exactly appealing.

What if I created a website instead?

Hmmm . . I could share the same top notch ideas and training but make them absolutely free. How many more people could I help this way?

What if I also gave away the first 12 pages of the marketing book, where all the key ideas exist, then only sell the marketing examples portion of the book and the lifelong updates? People could then use the free section to discover the backend of marketing and work out the rest themselves or buy the service of lifelong updates to the book.

That opens up the ideas for all to benefit.

This inspiration of mine not only spawned this website but also forced me to rethink marketing.

I am almost sorry I wasn’t looking in the mirror in that moment when I was brainstorming with no one but myself.  For if I was, I’m certain I would have seen hot jets puffing from my ears as if I was an old steam locomotive working overtime!

Okay, maybe that analogy is over the top but I am sure you’ve got my point.

How would it all work if I didn’t have upfront revenue from selling a course? While I didn’t want to be known as a selfish marketer selling ideas that have been known since the 1960s, I had two problems to deal with if I didn’t!

  1. With the self funding advertising campaign out the window, I couldn’t run the unlimited ads that pay for themselves! And;
  2. Worse, outside of the lifestyle portion of what I intended to share, what I was going to be the core of the education I would be providing to site visitors?

So, after much puffing of steam out me ears (bad grammar intended), I finally came up with the solution. It would take longer but I was at peace with myself because I would always be known as the one master of the direct selling and direct marketing industries who did not revert to selfishness to get it done!

I would need to write a book and invest a few hundred hours into a website but I have never been afraid of getting it done. In fact, I am way more afraid of not finishing what I started out to do than I ever will be of work or the amount of time it takes to complete it.

After all, time is going to pass anyway, right? And, with that, picture me please making a huge hat tip to the late great Jim Rohn who’s quote I just paraphrased.

Why did it take me so long? Why did it take from sprig of 1995 until late fall of 2021 to be writing these words? Great questions.

I should say that the book is done, as is  the hard work of creating this website, its behind the scenes automation and page/post templates. How long did these things take?

In terms of research, writing and approving of the suggested edits by my professional editor, about 85% of my time for a a whopping 5 months, gone!

That is far from the whole story.

You see, while I was building another business, which is still growing, I agonized for 18 months about how to market the book plus what literary device should be employed in the book.

Eventually the needed marketing premise came to me, as did the somewhat surprising use of time travel that made the book’s beginning work.

Another 9 months went into this site and another that I took over—455 blog posts in a related niche.

More water passed under the bridge, with the occurrence of my dad’s passing, two illnesses (neither ended up being serious though on was scary) and other personal stuff that ate another year. 

All in all, years went by and here we are, about to get busy with a new lifestyle and ‘how to’ blog.

I truly believe that people will want to see the lifestyle that is the result of success, so that is why I am including both.

By the way, no one is going to write a credible post on how to live stress free without touching on money. You see, no matter how you slice and dice it, you have to have a certain income before you can truly stop worrying about everything except those things that are out of your control. 

Of course, I realize that you want to know how right now and that brings me to mentioning brain science. Weirdly, even though you should be elated to have discovered a master who is willing to teach you for free, the brain works in such a way that you feel almost jilted if the rest of the beans are not spilt the instant you know those secret beans exist.

I get it. This is part of what we will teach others. And, the knowledge is coming, sooner rather than later.

Just know that the information you want is a bit too much for a blog post.

So, be patient with yourself because now you know that the answers to how stress free living is done are going to be yours.

See you in the next post and in the videos I have planned. Now, make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

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