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No other Social Media APP or Site compares in one critical way to the latest entry into the platforms used today in sales efforts to generate new business.

On LinkedIn you can’t do it. On Facebook you can’t do it. On Instagram and YouTube you can’t do it. Only on Clubhouse can you do this!

“Do what” you ask? Duh!

Why talk to people, of course.

On no other platform can you meet prospects and strategic alliance partners and speak to them instantly, right then.

You don’t have to message them. You don’t have to make an appointment. You don’t have to send a calendar link to confirm the meeting. You don’t have to even lift a finger because you are already talking to them.

Yes, on others you can message people and set meetings but on Clubhouse you join a room and next thing you know you have the opportunity to influence everyone in it AND interact with them!

So, again, if you are into sales efforts, this platform might be the best one in the world IF _________ . . if what?

Hmmm . . how could this Clubhouse thing backfire?

It can and it is easy to explain how.

What do you need to influence others?

I don’t know what you are thinking but what’s rattling around in my head are some choice words by someone you’ve likely heard of:

"If you want to have more,
you need to become more!"

Jim Rohn

"If you want to have more,
you need to become more!"

Jim Rohn

Cool quote. But, wait, what does it mean?

Simple. You have to have skills.

That takes study and experience.

If you know you subject and can speak confidently about it, you have an opportunity to influence the people who are listening to you. However, if you do not have skills, your dead.

So, while it is true that Clubhouse stands alone, it is also true that you can’t win on that platform if you don’t know the topic AND have speaking skills.

Now, there is more too it than this but — as they say — wait for it.

This is why I really love the the idea of Clubhouse. I am skilled. And no one knows my business better than I do. So I ought to slay on Clubhouse, right?

That is why I am going to document my experiences. 

I figure that with my knowledge, experience and skills, that I can be the poster child for building new business on Clubhouse.

Future posts will not only detail what I did and what results I got but delve into other comparisons to reveal strengths and drawbacks compared with LinkedIn and other social media platforms.