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Why I help people & My Why

Why I help people and what’s my why? You’ll enjoy my answers because they hold keys to unlocking all of your own dreams.

Now, if you considered this post’s title as a question, you might hear your own evil-twin-like inner-voice coming up with a snarky thought that goes something like . . 

“You are making money doing this, right? So, obviously that is why you chose to do it!”


Yes, I do make some money today doing this but, far more will take benefit from this free training site and my book than do business with me. And, that brings us back to the WHY question again.

The image is of a hand reaching down to grab another hand & the implication is of helping someone up. Contains the caption; Why I help people

If few site visitors will choose to (1) work with me, or; (2) hire my team to help them with an existing side hustle.

If you are keeping score, that’s proof positive that evil twin thoughts are not always right, are they? LOL.

Want the plain truth?

Do you really want to understand my why?

I could make a lot more money short term, as I have in the past, just focusing on marketing various services I have a talent for, such as lead generation and other automation solutions. That pays more short term than what I currently earn within this site and external of it.

Surprised? You won’t be in a couple of minutes.

Before we really sink our teeth into this truly worthy post, let’s deal with transparency first.

You see, long term there is more money in the kind of free help available on this site than being the professional lead generator and service provider I was in the past. But earning more or less isn’t my focus or my why, freedom is.

My why? I don’t want to have to work the rest of my life. 

Again, in a desire to be transparent, by taking the quick fix rather delayed gratification, I’ve earned more in a week than than the average weekly annual income in the U.S., so doing that for a living is lucrative. And, in terms of scaling income, it takes far less time to get up to speed that than what I do today.

That means that this helping people stuff is not for those without vision. But my why is huge and you will see that I have total clarity in regards to it.

How we make real money from helping people is awesome because we do not have to charge the person we are helping!

Though it is fairly rare to find an individual – out of all those with whom we come into contact and try to help – that gets it and ends up thinking like we do!

How rare? Don’t worry!

It is a great question, perhaps an even more important question than why I am doing this (my why) and I will answer that question about how rare in this post. But, first, you need to understand why anyone with my rather obvious talents would chose to wait for the big payday rather than go for the quick fix or immediate one. 

The answer is simple.

Any business or type of income that you receive, where you need to be there or “show up” to get paid, is known as trading time for money. And there is a better way option, one that fits my why.

The other way to get paid (or compensated) is totally different:

I keep on getting paid every month for work I did years ago. And I don’t have to show up to receive it!

Does the carpenter than renovates houses get a call from last year’s clients saying; “You did such a good job renovating our home last year that we are going to mail you another check”?

Of course not.

Does the owner of a resort get letters telling them how much their guests enjoyed staying last summer that they wanted to send another check as a thank you? Again no.

Does a lawyer get paid by old clients as an extra thank you for work well done. Nope (and many are overpaid to begin with but that is an issue for another blog post).

You work, you get paid and that is it. That is trading time for money. And, obviously there is a disparity of pay between various jobs (again, this is for another post).

When I work I get paid again and again –sometimes for for decades – for that work and that is a real difference. This is known as residual income.

My friend Tom, who has over 40 published books on Amazon, puts it this way;

“We keep on getting paid for work we did long ago!”

So, slowly, over time, if you work at this kind of side hustle you will get to the point where it pays you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars a month, whether you work or not.

With a decent residual income you can go on a world cruise and still earn the same income, while you are away, or; you could choose to only work 6 month of the year, and, again, your income would not decline, or; only work 10 hours a month . . still maintaining at or above your residual income!!

Now, I can (and would be glad to) show you proof of this style of residual income paying every month for work that was done over 20 years ago!


I happen to love wilderness canoeing but getting paid to do that would mean I would be taking a relatively low paying example of trading time for money. I would also argue that such a job would not mean I would be paid what I love!


Simply because when you have clients you are babysitting. They have few skills, think they are better prepared than they are and really all they are is “sandbags with credit cards!”

My love for wilderness canoeing comes from being in wilderness but it also comes with being with people who, like me, are responsible for themselves.  Having someone who is dependent on you is like looking after your kids.

Not that there is anything wrong with kids or looking after them, it is just not what my love of running wild rivers in a canoe is all about.

In addition, if I had done that I would never make enough to get to take that world cruise, even if I owned the company. For, if it was my company, I would need to watch it to make sure it was running right.

If I only need to work 6 months of the year to maintain residual income and, like me, fulfil my why, and can only go canoeing and take a world cruise during the other 6 months of the year, and still get paid, isn’t that better?

If I owned a wilderness adventures company I would get to be out there but I would never get to be out there without dragging sandbags around.

To do what you love is not the same as when you add the hassle of looking after clients to do it. And that means this writer has it all wrong:

Life is too short, so do what you love for a living!”

More examples?

Do you love sailing? Is running a charter business the same as going sailing without the hassle of clients? No, it is not.

When you have clients on a charter they are going to want cocktails and they will want to do things that you do not want to do. Would it not be better to have an income that comes in whether you work or not and go sailing several months of the year without charter clients?

Say you love baking beautiful healthy bread. Now try to make enough money from making artisan bread to provide for family and live a life with all the items on your bucket list ticked. Cause it ain’t happening.

The point was summed up by Warren Buffet;

Whatever you like to do, make it a hobby and whatever the world likes to do, make it a business.

What people want

Warren Buffet is smart, right? So, what do people want or like?

Well, do most people want more money? Sure. So can we show them how to get it and get paid for doing that?

Do most people wander around thinking about how to start a side hustle? No. In fact, most people with jobs do not even know that they could start a side hustle and be ahead financially before their home based part time business makes even one cent.

They do not even think about things like; what’s my why?!?

Yes, you read that right. Just by starting a business you get tax deductions and they are applicable against any income you already have. So, if you pay tax on income at a job, you can get some of that tax back (I cover this in detail in another blog post).

People do not know what they want until we expand their reality by educating them. And you will never read truer words.

The Greatest Side Hustle?

What’s the greatest of all ways to make money part time? Teaching people why they need a side hustle and helping them get started. Of course, for this to be the greatest side hustle, the type of pay or compensation you receive must be the style of residual income I have introduced you to on this page.

For most people we meet or market to, there are two things to they need to be taught: the tax benefits of starting a side hustle, and; how to get paid again and again for work already done (residual income).

Imagine you talk to someone, they like the idea of extra income and get started. Right after they make their decision you get to tell them that the Government now owes them money. What are they going to say?

“What are you talking about?” Or “Huh?”

The second they start a business, without registering that business or getting any special licenses or doing anything else, they get to write off existing expenses they already have, like their cell phone, part of their transportation costs and part of their rent or mortgage payments (to name just 3).

In a sense, they have made money before they make money.

I know several accountants well and I have discussed this with them. And, it is clear that, depending on their existing expenses, people can write off $10,000 a year, which translates into as much as $3000 in financial benefit.

Can you see now why education is important? why we need to educate people as to why they should start a side hustle and at least try to get them to consider doing something that gets them a residual income?

Now you know enough to see that I have a solid answer to this question; “why do I teach people?” They need to know that the Government incentivizes anyone to start a home based business AND what residual income is.

Investopedia describes residual income this way;

Residual income is income that one continues to receive after the completion of the income-producing work.”

There is more to learn about residual income. But at least this web page has shown you that you may wish to study the subject a little more.

My why

My why? I know that most people do not know about either benefit that I educate them on. 

People have a need for more money and they don’t know the solution to that need. That is the truth.

To receive the kind of compensation that my talent is worth. And to do that I must be involved with the type of work that pays in residual income.

Why do I teach others? Because it makes me feel good and because just occasionally, someone gets it. And, when they do, that someone will end up changing their own life and making me $5000 or more a month for the rest of my life!

How rare are these people who get it or “thing like we do” . . ?

The answer is comforting; if you speak to one person a day about how to earn money over and over again for work done long ago, you will find at least 1 per year.

That means that in 5 years you will have 5 people who end up building you somewhere north of (above) $25,000 a month of income that comes for decades and:

  1.   While you sleep, and; 
  2.   Whether you work or not.

Of course, many more than 5 people start a side hustle with us. In fact, a serious part time effort would find 8 of them a month. So, if you are doing the math, for every 48 people you will find one that builds a big business.

I like to round that up to 50 and add 10% to get an average. So, for every 55, approximately one is a Rockstar but is that the whole story? No!

In addition, one in 11 make you money, they just don’t keep at it for whatever reason. These people make us a few hundred a month and that adds up too.

That means for every 55 about 5 make us a small amount every month and 1 will go all the way. So when I say rare, those are the numbers.

It is more than enough.

Thanks for reading this post and don’t forget to use the contact page if you want to speak to me directly. 

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