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Why haven’t I needed a job since 1996? 

How did I get featured on the cover of a business magazine and inside another one? [see image below] 

How did I get featured in another magazine [see image below]  and hit over a million dollars of annual income just 3 years after I started my home based business?

A scanned image of Smiling Steve™ featured in House of Business magazine in April of 2001.

The answer is simple; knowledge. I knew things that my competition didn’t know. Period.

How did I get that knowledge? Again, the answer is simple; I was fortunate enough to have an excellent mentor.

That mentor taught me a few marketing tricks, like the stuff that you will find in Low Tech High Check™ (immediately below) and in my book; The Free Cheese Secret™.

To get free copies of either just click the images below and a new web page will open for ease of getting your free copy.

The free version of The Free Cheese Secret is electronic, not printed, but it contains the same information/content.

A 3D image of the book; The Free Cheese Secret™

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