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Low Tech High Check™

The image shows a collection of Low Tech High Check™ (one of the great headlines) cover images, specifically for; the book and the view of same on a tablet plus mobile device.

This booklet, which you can download as a PDF file right not for free, contains some amazingly simple ‘HOW TO’ info you can use to generate as many opportunity seeker prospects as you like, without paying for advertising or ever posting on social media!

Let that sink in for a second.

The booklet is called Low Tech High Check™ and it is the simplest of all systems, requiring no skills or technology you do not already have. And it just works.

You can think of this concept as an on demand prospect generator. 

As methodologies go, what I recommend doesn’t require you to; (1) meet people in public, or; (2)  approach the people you know, or; (3) spending money on advertising — in fact, you do not need to spend a dime!

So, relax. There is not one word (no mumbo jumbo) about ridiculous Law of Attraction theories in anything I write!

So, no, Low Tech High Check™ is not about visualization, like what you think about you bring about. Prospects do not materializenot require you to advertise and there’s no technology required, other than what you already use. 

It absolutely does not require you to spend even one second on social media. Phew!

In fact, if you do this, in a matter of an hour or an hour and a half you will generate more people interested in your business opportunity than you have in any week in the past.

Yes, this works and it is that effective. 

The stunning thing about it is; every leader in the Direct Selling industry has gotten so caught up in the use of the Internet and social media and automated technology that they have forgotten what worked.

So, because everyone jumped on nouveau ideas and technology, forgetting about what worked before social media, this became even more effective. There is little or no competition and that is the part you are going to totally love.

Can you send a text message? Then you can make serious money and quickly!

That said, Low Tech High Check™ does not work as brilliantly if you do not do more than just send text messages. 

No, generating people who are interested in your business does not require anything other than sending a few text messages. But if you do one more — again simple — thing, you will see just how brilliant this is.

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