Low Tech High Check™

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Low Tech High Check™ is a short, absolutely free booklet.

The valuable concepts in this easy-read as designed for small business entrepreneurs that are highly motivated to generate new business/more prospects but who do not have the knack or time to embrace the complexities of social media or any of the high tech options for marketing online.

What is simpler than social media and high tech? Can you send a SMS TEXT on your cell phone?

That is simple, right?

I mean, even great grandparents send text messages, so it cannot be thought of as high tech.

Look, if you can send TEXT messages, you can increase your income (and even make the Big Bucks). It is that simple.

Not only that but you can even employ various sharp marketing concepts — sharp angling — and still not waste time on social media or confusing tech stuff.

This light read (the booklet is mostly pictures) will share exactly how to do it. And you will learn very quickly that you do not need to learn;

  • high end Word Press page building systems, such as Elementor Pro* or DIVI*. 
  • funnel systems or autoresponders
  • Calendly* and other automated booking systems.

All you need is the low tech system everyone has and some knowledge that is in this free booklet! 

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Claims & Disclaimers:

* Calendly, Elementor and Divi are trademarks that belong to their respective owners. The intent of the comments above are not to disparage these products or their markers/owners, in fact two of those three technologies are employed within this site. However, like many other things used commonly today, they are more toward the high tech side of a marketing than low tech. 

In regards to Low Tech High Check™ two things need qualification; (1)  this web page does not claim that you will make a lot of money (the ‘big bucks’) through marketing or low tech systems. Some will and others will not. Therefore, the portion of the name of this  product (“high check”) is for marketing purposes only. We do not claim anything. Actually results depend on individual abilities & effort plus determination . . blaa, blaa, blaa!