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What 99.9% of influencers don't now & how it is costing them money!

Influencers think they know about how to monetize their social media channel(s) but what the overwhelming majority are clueless about is where most of their money will be made long term. Or should I say could be?

Similarly, bricks and mortar businesses are clued out too. And all I can say to anyone in either category of business is; how you make the big money is not the way you think!

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Monetizing their YouTube channel through ads that are placed automatically by Google AND enticing their followers to “buy them a beer” (or far more) using Patreon . . these are common ways to make money and are well known.

There is a far larger elephant in the room and it isn’t known by 99.9% of social media influencers!

Social Media influencers are very similar in one way to those in the Direct Response Advertising field in that they cannot see the nose for their face. They know what they know but thy don’t know what they don’t know.

“Selling stuff” to their followers, which usually means courses or books, this they are aware of. Successful YouTube content creators, like Justin Rhodes even know they can sell books & courses by their mentor – in Justin’s case that is Joel Salatin – but I am yet to see one influencer really get where the big money is made.

Some of these influencers create content that is main stream enough to get sponsors in their videos. You don’t have to look far to find examples of this, just check out Marcus House, who features ads from Brilliant in his videos all the time.

Then there is Stephanie Jarvis (picture below), the creator of Chateau Diaries. She even had Christies sponsor a series by her just to help sell an amazing collection that was being auctioned off. And she has appeared on TV in the U.K. a number of times in shows like Escape to the Chateau DIY.

These influencers are not only on social media but crossing over into mainstream too. However, they are still are missing a simple direct marketing technique that would make them a fortune.

Stephanie Jarvis and The Chateau Diaries. Photo from CNN

Most small business owners are like this too, in that they know their own business but have blinders on. To them, again I say; where you make the big money is not where you think!

Let’s face it, though some influencers are making huge bank, they actually own & operate a very small business.

They think about Patreon, which is a method of receiving donations, though they offer great value to patrons.

They think in terms of YouTube ads – and, why not, the advertising work is done for them. So this is money for nothing but uploading their content.

They think in terms of what they can sell their followers, like Permaculture Chickens by Justin Rhodes.

What they don’t think about is; who else sells to my customers and followers. 

What else can I sell is a well understood concept. This is what made Gorge from Ercilia’s Foods import a container load of clay cookware from Portugal . . so they had more to sell with they specialty food items.

The problem with thinking what more can I sell is the time and investment (not to mention risk) of doing so. Why incur risk when you do not have to?

When someone else can sell to your customers or followers, they are taking the risk and you get paid. This is money from your followers and customers for doing what? A 30 second mention — mini commercial — on your video? Or an email to your followers or patrons?

That is why I wrote The Free Cheese Secret™, so small business owners and influencers can learn where the real money is made.

Now there are many examples of this but the best require no work for the influencer. No bundling of old courses and products/services to help sell whatever the influencer is trying to refer people to buy.

No extra work at all. But how is it done?

For example; do influencers and small business people have followers nd customers that clean themselves and where they live? Obviously, right?

Are these followers and customer buying stuff made by Proctor & Gamble or Colgate or some other brand at Walmart or Safeway? Of course.

Could those people buy somewhere else and get $100 worth of free product just for changing where they shop? 100% yes.

Could the influencers announce such an opportunity to their followers and have people they do not need to pay to follow up the leads? Umm, yep.

It is a license to make money with absolutely no cost.

Could influencers get paid for decades for helping their followers change where they shop. Damn straight.

Imagine getting a piece of what Proctor & Gamble earns from your followers and customers without having to do anything but tell them about it in a video you need to make anyway?

So, let’s review . .

No cost to the influencer. The followers win, as they get $100 worth of free product just for changing where they shop, and; if they love the new product, which is competitively priced, will some keep buying it? The Law of Averages tells us the answer is yes.

The result? Decades of income just for mentioning something.

The manufacturer makes and delivers, collects payment, takes the orders, deals with customer service issues and product returns .. they do everything and the influencer gets paid.

Now, here is why this is so important. An extra $10,000 or $25,000 a month from making a simple announcement on a few videos, because it is new found money, can be invested or spent on building the number of customers and followers.

That kind of money can turn into $100,000 a month quickly, as it did with me in 200, when my income first went over a million a year.

The author succeeding after he decided to "do your side hustle from home!"

He struck it rich discovering the key to serving an entire industry” was actually an inaccurate title for the 2001 article. But I was so exited about being featured in a business magazine for first time that I never considered influencing the article’s title!

He struck it rich by discovering a little known direct response marketing secret that applies to any B2C industry” would have been far more accurate.

Do you own a business or are you an influencer? well, that means you are like the staring actor in a movie – meaning you are the talent. You do not need to pay for my time because you have the followers or customers.

In other words, you can get my advice easily and for free.

Want to talk. Simply click this link, to contact me.

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