the image includes a picture of Steven Burke & the Smiling Steve™ logks in your home based business is not the way you might think!"

How you make the 'big bucks' is almost certainly not the way you think!

You will have to forgive me for the use of  slang — ‘big bucks’ instead of ‘big money’ — but I knew I had to grab your eyeballs! 

Sure, my headline is like sizzling fajita plate at a restaurant but when the sizzle stops, I assure you, my ‘steak’ is tender and tastes good too! 

Interestingly, the headline could have been the more mundane:

“The easiest way to make more money in any small business.”

I just couldn’t bring myself to bore you to death!

Also, I knew that if I did not get your attention and share what is on this web page, the odds are very high that you won’t discover this on your own. 

Frankly, it matters not what you do or what are into, from a traditional small business to something online, like affiliate marketing or some form of e-commerce, how you make the big bucks is almost certainly not the way you think!

Almost every entrepreneur alive believes that the key to earning more is working harder. And, freely translated, that means; more work.

I am here to help you break through that style of what I call barrier thinking!

If working harder is PLAN A, working smarter is a far more attractive PLAN B.

Look, just because you are intelligent does not mean you have worked out what working smarter actually looks like (even if you think you have). And, again, holding on to certain beliefs is a part of human nature, so when you see what I do, don’t blame yourself.

The point is; almost everyone is shooting themselves in the foot in various ways.

I have met some of the sharpest business owners you can imagine and found out that the great majority were unaware of the back-end of marketing. 

No, I am not saying that emphatically enough. I have NEVER met anyone who understood back-end marketing (other than attendees at various seminars by the man who clued me in)!

No one.

In fact, when I do webinars, I explain it this way;

” Almost everyone who is listening to me is walking around with a shotgun strapped to their leg and blowing their own foot off every single day!”

By the way, this is not just true of the gurus out there, it is especially true.

Yes, those who purport to sell ‘secret’ HOW TO info for real estate investors, business owners, online marketers, coaches, mentors, those in a side hustle or Network Marketing . . don’t know anything or much about the back-end of their own marketing efforts.

Read my lips;

“Your road to a dream lifestyle is not dependent on a how hard you work and working smarter does not require magic abilities that few are born with nor is there a prerequisite that you have rocket scientist IQ either!”

What you actually need is reasonable intelligence and the HOW TO. 

Would it be okay if I gave you that for free?

I hope so.

If I was to carry this argument on, I would suggest that many past failures were not due to the newly invented disease, described as self limiting beliefs (for most people). Instead I would say they were due to bad information or no information.

Anyone can start a business. Few know how to make them profitable and insure that the profit earned by them does not require them sacrificing their whole life!

If you did buy a course or higher a coach, the truth is; you were likely fed ideas that only lead to success if you can find the time to work more, which most people can’t.

I don’t know about you, but I have a busy life. And working more is not going to fit.

I have better things to do with the free time in my life than working at night too.

So if you have a career, job or business, don’t buy into working all night in a side hustle too!

Again, to clarify, I have nothing against side hustles. You can’t just quit your bill paying job to start a business because that would mean you would go broke. But, if you need more income, that side hustle better show results in months, not years.

Look, I also have squat against working hard. That is not my point, at all.

My point is; time is all we have.

Time with family comes to mind when I think of this. We can’t let our desire to provide for our family end up interfering with quality time. And we cannot let our time with family (quality time) end up limiting what we can do to provide a future for them or our own retirement either.

Of course, when I describe it that way, it almost seems impossible. It is like a scale with TIME on one side and MONEY on the other.

Picture of an offsetting scale, where one side is TIME and the other side is MONEY

The thought is; if you want more money you will have less free time. And; if you want more free time, you will have less money . . or so it might seem.

I am here to tell you that is not true (or need not be).

So why do gurus amp people up to do stuff that sooner or later eats up their free time? 

The truth? You can’t do what you don’t know.

Of course, the companion to that last statement is; mentors and gurus who charge a lot for their time or course can’t teach can’t teach what they don’t know!

Of course, there are some that are teaching advertising. And their plans appear like a working smarter approach but they still manage to shoot their own foot off . . by eventually requiring more time.

When the topic of working smarter comes up, I need to remind people that others think that is what they are doing. I mean, anyone can use those two words, yet few can describe what the minutia of that looks like. 

Look, if they can describe it, somehow it always seems to comes back to more work at some point.

Yes, the key isn’t doing more of the same if you were already striving to accomplish your best. Instead, it is about discovering exactly what working smarter looks like.

By the way, if your guru or coach or upline could teach you this they would have done it already. 

The more moronic piece of advice comes from many Network Marketing uplines;

“You gotta talk to more people!”

Really? They don’t teach skills, which is working smarter. And, if these people don’t know those basics, they will never know anything more advanced.

This reminds me of the very thing that Bugs Bunny so eloquently stated in the popular cartoon he was the star of. What am I referencing? This;

“I must have taken a wrong turn in Albuquerque!”

That is what happens with trial & error method of trying to succeed. Just like Bugs, we get lost.

In fact, the trial and error method of finding a way to be more successful in a business or side hustle all too often results in more pain for the hard working person who employs it than anything else.

Of course, pain is felt in lost time and money.

What is particularly bothersome about this is the time aspect. You can always replace money, if you have time. If you don’t, it can be too late.

Too late to invest in a rental property to have long enough for tenants pay-off your mortgage and build you wealth. And that is just one example of the issue with time.

Then there is turning to Google to find an answer. And close behind that is Facebook, which has 5,000 data points on everyone that uses it regularly, including if you are an entrepreneur or in a certain industry or wanting to make more money.

If you are the type of determined person who wants to a better life, whether you turned to a Google search or saw a Facebook ad (because of a data point they have on you) at Facebook, what usually happens is you are offered a way to spend money to learn how to make money.

What comes to mind is buying courses to gain knowledge with no idea if the course creator has the working smarter ideas you need so desperately.

My suggestion is; stop buying courses from people who have only proven they can name a problem.

I mean, the number one problem in the world is money. Specifically too little of it.

The number 2 problem is time. Specifically too little free time.

It does not take a Brainiac to name them and it does not take Hollywood quality acting skills to pose as a guru with the solution either!

I see lots of social media posting content packages offered, to name an example. They purport to save you time because they already supply content but it doesn’t turn out that way. 

After all, if you are hoping your posts go viral (unless you are both good looking and post a lot) you have just entered into an exercise in futility.

Social Media posting is not a sure fired way to make money and it takes time. See what I mean?

Of course, so many of the ideas that are sold in courses require an outlay to follow a system. And that cost is relatively significant, which ends up being a barrier to entry for most people. In addition, the “lead time” between such an investment and a significant return from the system is usually longer then the described ideal scenario.

Hint; double their proposed out of pocket cost before you make a return!

These courses, that cost money, teach a system of advertising that includes an autoresponder, a funnel system and ads. When I drop a hint to double the budget, what I am saying is think of all your costs over 2 months, not one.

Now you can see that the out-of-pocket cost is usually higher than an ideal situation (someone who has already tested ads and knows what works). And, scaling back the ad spend is not a good solution to this.

Why? Autoresponders and funnel systems are fixed costs. So, if you decrease the monthly ad budget to stretch money out to 2 months of a running system instead of 1, you increase the cost per course buyer.


Most course do not teach this stuff. They teach that the course buyer pays for the ad, so it is self funding. But then what?

Well, you sell a system to the course buyer — they replicate something similar to what you have done. And now you need time to talk to them to help them understand what they are buying.

Gobble, gobble, gobble, money and time!

Look, most businesses are losing money. Their customers are worth more than they think and that is one thing. But they do not know how to generate new business without it costing their customer.

You can get lost in a vast ocean quickly by going online. There you will find many who are selling something that may or may not fit what you need. And there is no way to be sure that what they offer is perfect for you because they do not sample it.

Instead, you could save your money and time by simply downloading a portion of my book from this website . .


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The Free Cheese Secret™ book in all 3 formats

Yes, the FREE PORTION of my book accurately describes the solution to the problem. And, unlike other gurus, by giving you this for free, you know if you want to follow me without buying a course.

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The book reveals not only the secrets of advertising, it subtly reveals how you can work smarter.

What secrets are in my book? Well, lots. Including but not limited to;

Your competition will pay for your marketing & advertising costs (and be only too glad to do it too).


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My strategy revolves around both the back-end of marketing and “other people’s money” . . yes, my ads are paid for before they run! 

Put another way:

“If you do not have to pay for your own advertising, how many ads would you run?”

Of course, as stated, there is no cost for this download.

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Yes, I will try to sell you stuff later but you will get the smart ideas for nothing. Period.

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Again, you do not need to spend money to learn about the back-end of marketing, which most gurus don’t know. They only think (like most business people) in terms of:

“What else can I sell to my opt-in list?”

Why did I give this away for free? Because there are people that are hurting from inflation and the pandemic and I want them to know the solution.

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