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The surprising reason why everyone should start a Home Business

Look, you likely already have a home business but you might also be considering one. Either way it is critical that you read this!

If you are considering starting one you will have no doubt you need to do it in two or three minutes of reading. And, if you have one already, you will discover the easiest ways to promote it – with an simple idea.

A stay at home parent, looking after little ones, may be forced into working from home. But there is a surprising reason why everyone should have a home business. Want to know what it is?

First let me tell you that the reason is not to make money. Yes, you read that correctly.

Sure you can make money from home and I am one of the few trainers that can show you how to make money doing this. But that is not why you should start a home business.

I can just imagine my competitors reading this and thinking I have lost my mind but I assure you – or them – that nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, people do not buy the steak. They buy the sizzle.

Another way to put this is; it all comes down to how you put it when you promote anything. 

Now I am going to tell you that if you plan to tach people why they should start a business your next comment should not be about how much money they could make. Why? Because “could” is not a guarantee of anything.

I could go fly a kite too. Or I could run a marathon. But neither is likely – no, actually, the marathon is out of the picture completely.

I could make some money. I could also waste my time, right? These are the impressions some prospects get.

Sure, some people are so desperate you had them an the word “opportunity” but not everyone you meet is like that. However, everyone loves a guarantee.

Look, we cannot legally make income guarantees so, again, my competition read this and they are going to think that my screws are coming loose . . but there is a guarantee we can make.

Here is the truth, ready?

If you have a day job (for example), you pay tax. And if you start a side hustle that is a home based business, you will pay less tax to the Government for that day job.

Well, for most people this means they will get a tax refund when they file. And, in the U.S., that latest tax filing date is my birthday, April 15th. In Canada it is April 30th.

Of course, if you are getting a decent size rebate, you might want to submit you tax return early, right?

Here is the point, you have expenses in your life that are not specifically costs to your home business. And these become deductible just for deciding to start this side hustle.

Are you ever going to be without a cell phone? Of course not. This is an expense you will always have whether you start a side gig or not, right?

No you can write off at least a portion of that cell phone bill and apply that write off against any income you have. Day Job or income from your new business, either way you win!

The image, which applies to a home business, shows a table with glasses, a cell phone and a computer plus wooden scrabble letters spelling tax and the handwritten word "advantages"

In “The 1 thing almost every Employee doesn’t know” I wrote in detail about this, even applying reasonable numbers within that blog post to show how much you can get ahead just by starting a business.

The reality may shock you.

You can save $2000 to $3000 or even more in taxes you are going to pay if you do not start this part time business. And, you can start it up with little or no out of pocket expense.

Talk about a no risk way to get ahead!

Look, the truth about sales and marketing (sales by marketing or through the written word) is you can say the wrong thing to the write person. Your marketing can hit them all wrong or all right.

If I said to you “I just found out how we can get the Government to give us two to three thousands dollars without doing a thing” would you wonder why? Would you ask me what it was all about?

Now, if I said it in a way where I sounded surprised, you would be even more likely to want to find out about it, because it would sound natural.

This can be done face to face. In the written word or in videos. It simply works.

“I just found out that the Government is paying anyone 20 to 30 times more than it costs to start a home based business! And, I think we deserve to get some of all the taxes we pay back, how ’bout you?”

See what I mean?

 The book above, which is on Amazon, tells the who story. You can write off almost anything, including part of your rent or mortgage.

This is very important. We can now sell a business opportunity before we even talk about it.

You see, the benefit is outrageous even before you start working on that business.

Now, the Government is paying you (in the form of a tax rebate) to start a business. If you don’t start one you can cause yourself an issue but it is quite normal, to lose money on paper in  your first year.

Since they other blog post I mentioned goes into explaining this I wont do that detail twice but I will say this; making money at home is easy if all you do is teach what I am teaching here.

People do not know that they need to start a home business. If we went to some public place and asked passers-by if they would answer a question for a free product many would say yes. The question would be designed to find out if then knew about it and most wouldn’t (I have already done this research).

Since many people in this little experiment would not know about it, many turn into prospects.

It is the same thing online. We can ask a single survey question; “did you know that the Government will pay you $3000 to start a $75 business?” If we did, what would happen?

If you guessed that people would be shocked, you are right. And if we had a system to give away a product to attract them, we could generate a lot of prospects – like a huge number.

That is why I wrote The Free Cheese Secret™ . . so people would understand that you can give away the “free cheese” to generate new customers or followers without losing money.

In fact, you can even get your competition to pay for your marketing but now I am starting to get into teaching what is in the book. So go get the first 12 pages, they are free.

Anyway, the truth is that there are ways to pay for advertising and/or marketing costs without taking a dime out of your pocket. And, once you know how to do this you will be able to have an unlimited advertising budget.

That and you will also have a tax refund for $2000 or $3000 too. And that is especially timely at the end of the year but to learn why you need to use the contact form and I will explain it to you one on one.

Why should everyone start a home business? Well, they will be $2000 or more ahead instantly. And, if they have a trainer like me, they will also learn how to market their business without ever taking any risk.

3 Responses

  1. Most people don’t think about the tax right off’s against there already salary but it’s great benefit as you start working your way to generating an income

  2. I think the biggest misconception people have about home businesses or side hustles is that it’s going to cost too much money, take too much time, and take too long to get results. But, if we pre-frame the conversation in a way that takes all those objections away (like talking about the tax benefits before the cost), it makes it much more appealing, that’s for sure.

    1. For anyone who reads the comment by Josh, his suggestion helps people understand how to promote a business opportunity. And, as my article shows, once you factor in the tax savings, there is no cost to doing a home business. Actually, you are ahead financially before that part time business makes even one dollar!

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