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Get a Free Website

This is an offer for a free WordPress website, including 6 months* of hosting and an Elementor Pro license. The value of this offer is $59.04!

This free offer does not require a credit card or future payment information. You can register now without fear of a gotchya. 

More about the GET A FREE WEBSITE offer and why literally everyone should have their own personal branded website:

This featured image for GET A FREE WEBSITE contains two icons, one is the globe nd represents the World Wide Web and the other is the Elementor Pro license. The words underneath say Free website hosting + an Elementor Pro License

Yes, this is free and comes with all the bells & whistles (features), yet no strings attached.

The features of this free offer, we are also supplying the WordPress website with Elementor Pro, which makes this offer worth at least $59.94!

How do we get that evaluation when the purchase of an Elementor Pro license alone costs $59? Simple. Elementor currently offers website hosting with a PRO license for $119.88 for a year (paid in advance).

From this offer, you can get the same for free for slightly more than 6 months. All we did was divide their price in half. 

We also cost less to renew AFTER the free period too, as our cost is $99 for hosting and the license (pain in advance), or $9.95/month paid monthly!

Now, we think we are going to be making this offer again to gain more first-time customers, so we decided to write an article that would rank on Google. And to rank this web page, we must follow SEO best practices, which means at least 900 words. But that does not need to affect you.

You do not need to read all about this free website offer. You can skip straight to signing up at any time on the right (lower down the web page for mobile viewers, click one of the many registration links)

Free Website Making Platforms

There are true free website making platforms where you can learn to DIY to create your own website. But they come with a real drawback, the web address is an extension of the platform’s brand name site address!

Instead of this (for example):

You would end up with a website address for your business that is something like this:

A long, complicated website address that includes the brand name of another company is less than desirable.

It makes people wonder what’s up. And when someone who understands sees your Brand as an extension of another URL (web address), they know you are either too cheap to set up your own or have no money!

That is what we like about our GET A FREE WEBSITE offer. You will have your own brand name, making us one of the preferred free website making platforms, if not the best option.

Why are we doing this? We felt it was a great way to build relationships with more prospective customers.

We knew we could do it smarter and gain lots of new customers, some of whom would spend money in the future. So we came up with this free offer.

Elementor Pro is a plug-in for a WordPress site, and when provided for free with hosting, the package becomes a free website making platform that rivals any in terms of what you can create.

WPKube rated Elementor Pro as the easiest of two WordPress-based web page builders to learn for non-web designers, and the other well-known, powerful page builder is Divi.

What other free website making platforms exist? Here is a list:


Probably the next of the free website making platforms other than our offer.  WIX includes 500 MB of storage and their branding in your website address–meaning no custom domain.


GoDaddy is similar to Wix in that you do not get a custom domain, and there is also no MOBILE editor, which means you cannot create a website that looks great on a smartphone without upgrading to a paid plan.

Square Online

This is one of the free website making platforms, but it is rated as having weak templates and limited design options.


Independent rating services say that Webflow is;

  • Overwhelming for beginners
  • Has no drag-and-drop editor
  • It is the hardest free page builder to use!


Independent rating services don’t have good things to say about this free option, as you will see:

  • Unprofessional!
  • Non-customizable domain (web address)
  • Outdated template designs
  • Extremely limited creative control.


Of the free website making platforms, PageCliud is best for custom code, which is of no interest to anyone but a high-end designer. Besides that, here is what independent researchers say about it:

  • No autosave feature (this may have been changed)
  • Difficult to navigate.

After selling what the free website making platforms were doing, we decided to offer 1,000 free websites with Elementor Pro. After all, it competes with any other solution and offering the best for free would allow you to create a great site with a custom domain and only pay for it after six months!

Free Website Setup

Offering a free website setup means what? Well, if you buy hosting through one of the big hosting companies, like SiteGround, you need to click a few buttons to install WordPress, then add the Elementor Pro plugin and connect it to Elementor.

This would take half an hour for someone who does it all the time. How long would it take you? An hour?

What if we made our GET A FREE WEBSITE offer even better? What if we installed WordPress for you and then added & connected Elementor Pro in that install so that you were ready to design your site from the second you logged in?

We estimate the value of this free website setup at $19.

Again, with our offer, this becomes one of the free website making platforms with the most features of any option available online!

We are offering free website setup and free Elementor Pro setup, but our offer does not stop there!

All website installs, in a process called minification, must have a method of compressing source code so that information sent to a visitor’s web browser gets there faster. If this is not done, your site will load very slowly AND visitors will bounce without ever seeing your site!

Our FREE WEBSITE SETUP includes an installed OPTIMIZER plug-in that is already configured!

Not only is the optimizer plugin installed and configured, it is a pro version, not a lite version. 

If you compare this to WP Rocket, which currently costs $44.25 per year, you can see this is a major saving, making our free website setup look even better.

Does our GET A FREE WEBSITE offer stop there in terms of the free website setup service? Nope!

We also install a Lazy Load plugin, which is a controller that allows anyone an easy way to say that the main image on the page should not lazy load.

In terms of the user expereince, the quicker we can get that main image to show up, the better. So, while the Optimizer lazy loads all the other images so the page loads in a heartbeat, this makes sure the main image (largest contentful paint) is in front of the user quickly.

If you want website users to love your site and you want the site to rank, things like the core metrics, including the largest contentful paint matter. And the plugin we install for you integrates with Elementor Pro making it simple to use!

Impressed? We hope so.

Remember, this is the GET A FREE WEBSITE offer and it is totally free. There are no costs and you don’t receive a scaled-down website for free, but the best website you can get anywhere, with everything installed for you!

Is that the end of the free website setup offer? No, we got one more thing to tell you about.

We also install a broken link checker, which is another plugin that we recommend. After all, great content links to other content, and if the other page you are linking to is no longer there, you want to know, as this affects your page rank.

This is our free website setup service!

Free Website Providers

There are a few ways to get a site without paying for it, and at the top of the list of free website providers is WordPress.

The challenge with WordPress is you are stuck using one of the WordPress themes, which is limited. That is why Elementor Pro and Divid were developed, as the free WordPress themes are not great.

Some people overcome this issue by purchasing a theme, which defeats the free deal. If you are doing this, and if our GET A FREE WEBSITE offer didn’t exist, you would be better off with a paid plan at Wix.

In the free website making platforms section above, several options were listed. What follows are free website hosting options:

  1. Google Cloud Hosting
  2. AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Neither of these options would get you a free website setup. Nor would they give you Elementor Pro for free. However, we thought you should know that there are free website providers, at least in terms of website hosting.

Free Elementor Pro

There are some websites that will supply a Free Elementor Pro license but not hosting. This makes sense.

A supplier who is willing to buy Elementor Pro licenses in bulk could give away a license for 40 cents apiece. In turn, they would get an email address that they could market services to.


However, this license would not include hosting or any of the things listed in our free website setup section above.

Our unique GET A FREE WEBSITE offer is far superior to anything online. And this leads us to scratch our heads. Why didn’t someone else think of it?

Maybe others have thought of it. Maybe they rejected the idea based on the cost of the acquisition of a new customer.

The free Elementor Pro offer combined with GET A FREE WEBSITE hosting is attractive but it costs us $100 a month plus 40 cents plus the time to do the free website setup, which will likely be about $30 in hard costs.

Providing free Elementor Pro with hosting for 1,000 used will come in at about $32,000. How many of those clients will need help with building their website? How many will want a press release? How many will want to learn that their customers are worth more than they think?

How much can we change a website sponsor that knows they will get their ad seen like 5,000 times (assuming one in five who get to this page take the offer)? 

Now I am talking about marketing and why the free Elementor Pro website with hosting makes so much sense. After all, there are many brands who would like their ad on this page and in our follow-up emails. 

These sponsors could generate the cost of the offer. Then the cost is nothing to generate 1,000 subscribers.

If your advertising is free, how much would you do?

I wrote a book entitled The Free Cheese Secret that discusses this exact approach. How the sample or free giveaway attracts new customers and can pay for itself even before an upsell!

Offering a free Elemntor Pro option, then, is not a cost but a profit center. And I can show you how to do that in your own business too.

Why everyone needs a website

The fact that everyone on the planet needs a website can be a tough concept to get across. Especially given all of the opportunities to receive a replicated site to represent an affiliate marketing opportunity or Network Marketing.

In addition, many of those who know having a website makes sense justify the idea of not having their own website because of the cost, which is partly why we made the free website offer above.

Now it costs nothing to start a website as long as you do not my the DIY aspect.

Some have no idea what to make their site about, which is a legit reason for them not having one, isn’t it? And there are other reasons why people don’t do it, but this is talking about people who believe it is a good idea to have a website.

Even some of the people who do well by posting content on social media don’t have websites (this is mental, but I will explain why in another post). And by this, I refer to YouTube creates, for instance.

Whatever the reason for not having one, it is time for you to get over it.

Why? Well, take employees, for example; just by starting a website, they benefit from receiving tax benefits that are not available to employees who don’t have a side hustle!

Tax Advantages are just one reason why people should have a website of their own. There are many others.

Even the Network Marketers who have a replicated site with the company they represent are crazy not to have a website. And they haven’t a clue why.

This topic will be one we cover in a live show soon because I believe you need to hear the passion behind the reasons.


Order your Free Website here!

There are no costs & no credit card required, this is free, period.

If you complete the form below then, within 30 days of receiving your login credentials, your site is ‘up’ and you never deviate from the terms of this free website offer, your site will be hosted until February 22, 2024*.

Anyone registering after August 25th will receive less than 6 months of hosting. And anyone that registers sooner will receive hosting for longer than 6 months!

Renewal fees for hosting, including an Elementor Pro license (Elementor is a highly rated page builder interface for WordPress), will be $9.95/month (this is less than from Elementor Pro directly!) and due 7 days before the renewal date, or the hosting may be terminated on the renewal date, which is February 22, 2024.

This offer is only available to people who are 18 years of age or older. And the site must be for business, with some exclusions (see terms).

Our privacy policy is here.

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