The Free Cheese Secret™ book in all 3 formats

Congratulations on being wise enough to download the first six chapters of The Free Cheese Secret™ for free. This portion of the book reveals not one but two keys to making real money in any type of small business.

Yes, this ‘freebie’ is enough to learn the WHY and HOW of making the real money, without buying the rest of the book and a lifetime of updates for $37!

In other words, this a real free offer.

Now, there are reasons why I would advise that you take the $37 offer but we will send that info in an email. And you can muddle through from the free offer should you chose not to spend $37. 

Soon an update of this web page will offer a Kindle and PDF download to compliment the ePub version that you can download below right now.

Our ePub version is very versatile, as it can be viewed using an App on an Android phone or iPhone plus on a computer or tablet, as well as through a web browser on any device. 

The reason why we did not start with the PDF is simple. Large PDF files do not reformat for small screen devices, making the whole book very tough to read on a phone.

Of course, the PDF version is needed for printing, should people prefer to read their books that way. Hence the coming update.

Of course, some readers use Kindle and need a compatible (.mobi) version.

To easily read this book, I have found the following Apps to be easiest to use; on my phone, the Kobo App. And on my PC laptop, the Calibre App (set to white background, not sepia). Both are free and two short videos will be included on the update of this page so anyone can learn how to use both Apps.

Click here to download the ZIP file that contains the ePub version of the first 6 chapters of the book:

Download 6 chapters free

To understand how to use the two Apps below click the images to view a short video

This is an image that appears in the Kobo App on startup