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The spirit of this website — my desire to be informal in the delivery of concepts both in site and in my other content — was a choice. I really prefer not to take myself to seriously.

However, on this web page I must put the choice to be light hearted aside, for a moment. And that is only because I cannot  ignore the law or be even remotely immoral.

So, I include a disclaimer and the other ideas that are on this web page.

The disclaimer (a legal requirement) just takes one simple line but being ethical is different. And that means there are more things to say, enough that it required an entire page to record it all rather than just a paragraph.

Off course, it is the ethical part is the real  service to you. The disclaimer is merely for my own protection, though members of various legislatures (the lawmakers), all full of their own self importance, may see it differently.

Such is the state of consumer protection laws that the seller can be held responsible for the decisions of the buyers. And to that I say; “Huh!?!”

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the law but when I say “I help people make more money in just 30 days” I could actually be found to be culpable if someone follows my advice and loses money — if I do not say there are no guarantees!

Yes, we could be found at least a little bit responsible for the actions of others. Go figure!

So, saying that there are no guarantees in life  keeps the advisor or educator out of hot water. But it should not be necessary. 

My point? I do not believe a disclaimer should be required but ethics . . that definitely should be. And it is the ethical issues that allow me to sleep well at night and, with the inclusion said ethical concerns, a real service to you.

First, let me say there are so many surprising and even crazy ways to make money with a side hustle that no one person could know them all. But I can tell you one basic thing about all of them. 

Even though there are many, many people making money with a side hustle, there’s no guarantee that you will.

Most People

Most People, if they apply themselves, will make money in their chosen side hustle. And the key in that statement is the phrase; most people.

How much money one makes in their entrepreneurial efforts is on them. It is at least partially dependent upon; their determination and stick-with-it-ness, how consistent they are and the business model they are involved with.

A much smaller percentage of people are not like most people. They are at either end of the Bell Curve and those at one end shouldn’t be involved in any side hustle business, though some of them try.

If you are like most people, then, you can succeed.

That stated, your chances of being successful and the time taken to become successful, depends on something that is external to you.


Most people who start a side hustle(or any business) and get serious about it go through a period of trial and error, meaning they have to try stuff and figure out what works on their own. This can waste months, even years.

Trial and error can be at fault for ones failure too, as they can run out of the money needed to carry on and quit.

Of course, there is one way to save trial and error time or even eliminate any time trying things out. And that is to work with a mentor.

Caution, not all of the world’s mentors are right for you. And there’s a certain type of mentor that should be avoided entirely.

Whatever you do, do not hire a mentor. Because, if you pay for mentoring, you will have wasted your money.

I mean, if you actually do build a business you will have customers (or followers/fans/patients) and a concept in this website teaches that those customers are of real value to other businesses and entrepreneurs.

That training is known as “your customers are worth more than you think” and, because they are, you can use them to promote your mentor as a form of compensation for helping you.

Since that costs you nothing and benefits them, it is win-win.

The other way is to join your mentor in business. And, in fact, both concepts can work together too.

Either way, a mentor can help you without you going out of pocket. And, if you need it and I am available to help, I would be glad to.

Business Model

If you did something like culture sourdough and use that culture to bake amazing artisan sourdough bread, you can make money.

However, feeding the starter and baking the sourdough is time consuming. Of course, there is nothing wrong with choosing such things as side hustles or as home based businesses.

Making sourdough is known as a labor of love, best done as a hobby if you ask me though there are ways to do that and make serious but that is else where on the site.

A model where you refer customers to a manufacturer, often known as being an affiliate, works. But in most affiliate relationships the company ends up owning the customer and you no longer get paid for that referral.

The best type of businesses to do part time, as a side hustle, are those where you make money while you sleep. And, being landlord qualifies but there is a hug barrier to entry with such a choice.

An affiliate program where you make money while you sleep, do not lose the customer and there was no cost to start would be the best choice.

If you want to learn more about that use the contact form so I can reach out to you.

The Smiling Steve logo with the words Smiling Steve™