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At the very bottom of the home page you will find telephone numbers for sending text messages to Smiling Steve™. If you want to speak, I recommend sending a text first, as a way to set up a time.

At the very bottom of this page those numbers are listed again. In addition you can send a message immediately below, which generates an email to Smiling Steve™ (or his assistant).

All communication that is not SPAMM is returned. And, as always, we do not sell your personal information or violate your privacy at this site, nor will we ever ask for your next born to communicate with you.

If you want to be bored you can always read our Privacy Policy here.

Contact Via Phone
or SMS Text

Canada & WhatsApp (International)

1 (647) 967-7366

U.S. Numbers (domestic)

1 (313) 488-0400

1 (716) 755-4200