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The list at the bottom of the page contains some reasons why you may wish to contact Smiling Steve™.

All Inquiries

To contact Smiling Steve, fill out the form below for a prompt reply (always within 24 business hours — usually far less).


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Why contact Smiling Steve?

Below are a few reasons why but, know this, it is the preference of Smiling Steve™ to takes all calls and/or meetings. So, feel free to reach out!

1.  Consulting – at this time, Smiling Steve™ prefers to limit the number of outside projects he is working on, as he is in full blown content creation mode. Once a significant following has been attracted, he may be in the position to do more of this type of work.

2.  Training – the workshop, to go with the workbook, is the only training being offered at this time, except for as is necessary with consulting gigs. Again, once a significant following is created, there will be more time to provide training services.

3.  Joint Ventures – this is being actively pursued, with a definite goal of creating win – win – win strategies. This means that the joint venture partners do well and the people on their lists receive high value propositions. If that is not understood upfront, Smiling Steve™ will not be interested.

4.  Eyeball Grabbing headlines – this is the favorite type of work Smiling Steve™ likes to do. The Rabbi who got Rich on Sunday™, The Free Cheese Secret™, This is the book Advertising Executives did not want anyone to write™ . . . are all classic examples of headlines that grab eyeballs. And Smiling Steve™ is available to help you create winning campaigns by coming up with a great headline that works for what you sell.

5.  Website Assessment – this is important work that is relatively easy to do if you pay for the tools. Smiling Steve™ has already splurged on the necessary tools and thus can offer the service inexpensively. 

Recently, Smiling Steve™ found a competitor who had migrated his website and lost significant traffic because of an error that likely occurred during that migration. He  contacted his competitor to let him know that he was losing out — saving the day. If you are not monitoring your website it can only mean you simply do not understand what a site is for!

6.  WordPress Hosting with free Elementor Pro, free Ninja Forms & free Zapier – since Smiling Steve™ pays for agency accounts for the three main add-on services for WordPress, he can offer extremely reasonable high-end website hosting (That pricing is not on this website presently. After the book launch, on or about April 2nd, 2021, it will be added!).

RECAP – items #3, #4, $5, and #6 above are currently available. #1 and #2 are limited at this time but please reach out anyway to see if Smiling Steve™ can help you or refer you.

Outsourced services you can contact;

7.  Proofreading – I would be more than glad to refer you to the individual who did 100+ hours of proofreading The Free Cheese Secret™, as she is excellent. Since she is just getting her website updated, please contact  Smiling Steve™ to set up a professional referral.

8.  Graphic & Website Creation Services – the Smiling Steve logo was created by Jacqui Burke; here. She also consulted on the creation of this and other websites with Smiling Steve™ over 2+ decades!