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Nov. 3, 2021

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You can book Steven Peter Burkewho is known online as Smiling Steveas a speaker, podcast guest or for almost any entrepreneurial training event. If you do, your audience will learn from a speaker with experience talking at over 1,000 training events, business networking clubs, webinars and teleconferences.

Below is a list of some of Smiling Steve’s more relevant entrepreneurial experiences and another list of the titles of his most recent talks. But before you get to that, the title of the first feature magazine article about Steve (see image on the right);

He stuck it rich by discovering the key to serving an entire industry!

That alone may give you the insight to at least check out his credentials further.

Some of the entrepreneurial results of Smiling Steve;

  • Built a website to number one in its niche by 2002
  • By 2003, his business amassed over 16 thousand customers, with 6,432 being repeat
  • Featured in three business magazines, including a cover in February 2004 (see image on left). 
  • By 2005, his marketing strategies attracted people to an opt-in list that grew to 1.5 million.
  • Built a solar and energy efficiency network with 29 dealers by 2009
  • Launched a worldwide business networking organization called Allied Entrepreneurs in 2022.
  • Written two books with a third on the way.

Titles of recent talks by Smiling Steve;

  • Economic Suicide
  • Videos don’t listen
  • You can’t eat the future!
  • The words that get you paid
  • Who pays for your advertising?
  • You don’t need money to make money!
  • Five Competition-Slaying Secret Weapons
  • The Huge Potential of Marketing Collaborations
  • Your Customers Are Worth More than you think
  • How to promote almost any business, even if you’re broke
  • Don’t get fooled by the guru who is little more than a one-trick pony
  • Starting from scratch, the little know secrets learned from 5 startups

Some titles of talks on topics of a specialized nature;

  • How to build a business networking group full of rock star  entrepreneurs in just 15 minutes a day
  • Why almost any entrepreneur would be mad to pass on joining a business networking group
  • You only have to do this once

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The image is a scan of House of Business magazine from April 2001 that shows a feature article about Smiling Steve
This picture shows Smiling Steve seated at the head of the table, right after being a guest speaker at a breakfast club for entrepreneurs


The image is of Smiling Steve speaking to a business breakfast group of local entrepreneurs.

This image is of a book written by Smiling Steve called The-Free-Cheese-Secret; how you make big money in a small to medium sized business is not the way you think!