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What is Bait and Switch?

  What do Fishing, Retail Sales and “What is Bait and Switch” have in common? Oddly, all 3 topics belong in the answer to “What

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The Free Cheese Secret™ is the book Advertising Execs didn't want anyone to write

The Free Cheese Secret™

The book Advertising Execs didn’t want anyone to write! The Free Cheese Secret™ You don’t have to read about The Free Cheese Secret™ and the

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You will be shocked too, when you find out you can have an Unlimited Advertising Budget!

Unlimited Advertising Budget

Unlimited Advertising Budget By Smiling Steve™ This website introduces exciting direct response marketing concepts, including the “unlimited advertising budget“, that myself and others,  have used for decades to

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Blog and Vlog Posts

The purpose of this Blog and Vlog Posts page is to provide easy access to posts that are designed to help you help yourself in terms of making more money in your own part time or full time business.

The plan is to publish various categories of content, even some that are technical, should you  . . . say . . . want to DIY your own website and SEO.

Each post is described in our notifications so that you access the content of interest to you!

Regardless of the topic, all of the content is accurate and of the highest quality found online. That will never change.

You will receive marketing advice, even if all you need is enough to know whether the outsourced service you hired is proving good value or ripping you off!

You will also have an option to see it all because; (1) I will out out one piece of content a week on my progress, and; (2) I have committed to doing all the tech, including site optimization, and all my own content creation, by myself. for one year. Since I started March 1st, 2021, that effort will continue until the end of February, 2022.

Though there will be at least two other pieces of content a week, I am going that also show the time required and how tough it is (not too tough!), to DIY your way to a much higher income.

I am making a weekly video — starting Monday, March 29th, 2021 —  with screen captures so you the technical, but from someone who hates making anything too difficult. So, if that is your thing, you will love it.

Relationship building is important too and, as you will see, without it you won’t rank a website as much as you could have. This will be part of my regular non-tech content.

So you are going to get 3 types of content. (A) lifestyle — the life of someone that can work from any where — videos, (B) business non-tech blogs (direct response marketing and eyeball grabbing headlines), and; (C) business tech Blog and Vlog posts too.


Oh, in case you need graphics or help with your website, I can highly recommend Jacqui Burke. She also created my logo