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The Free Cheese Secret™

The Free Cheese Secret™ book in all 3 formats

The Free Cheese Secret™ is the result of a single, mind boggling event that I attended in 1997 and the path it led me on since. I was actually a guest of the individual who created the unique workshop I traveled to in Houston! Yes, I got the training for free and there is a […]

What is Bait and Switch?

What is Bait & Switch? Oddly, all 3 topics belong in the answer to “What is Bait and Switch?”  Online marketers needs to know about the most offensive online marketing ploy. And, especially how to avoid employing it. Of course, after the sharp marketer discovers online “bait and switch” they may do some research on […]

Best rags to riches story

The image shows a man waving at hinself in a window or mirror. The first man has patches on his clothes, and the 2nd is wearing a business suit.

Rags to Riches stories; learn how to go from broke to earning the big bucks by checking out these real-life stories! As the screenshot below shows, on average, 33,100 people do an English language “rags to riches” search on search engines every month. And some additional searches are done for the Rags to Riches TV […]

Stephanie Jarvis and The Chateau Diaries

This image comes from YouTube, often called the placeholder, it is the image you see before you click on a video and in this case that was a video by Stephanie Jarvis entitled; How YouTube saved my Chateau!

Stephanie Jarvis and The Chateau Diaries Her success is a real teaching moment! By Smiling Steve™ When it comes to Stephanie Jarvis and The Chateau Diaries, this is not really a rags to riches story. But . . . I believe it almost ended up being the opposite! As the story goes, 16 years ago, […]

Do your Side Hustle from home

Any desk, counter or table is fine. Do your side hustle from home!

Do your Side Hustle from home! The home-based side hustle benefits are amazing. Read this post to discover why you should. By Smiling Steve™ It is truly amazing that side hustle is now a thing. After all, a few decades ago, no writer would’ve considered using “hustle” in a ad copy or an article. Why? […]

Unlimited Advertising Budget

You will be shocked too, when you find out you can have an Unlimited Advertising Budget!

Unlimited Advertising Budget By Smiling Steve™ This website introduces exciting direct response marketing concepts, including the “unlimited advertising budget“, that myself and others,  have used for decades to make the competition jealous! I assure you, an unlimited advertising budget was not known to Mad Men. Yes, I did just make reference to a TV Program about advertising executives in the nineteen-sixties. […]

The ultimate side hustle ideas

Side Hustle ideas to make extra income

The Ultimate Side Hustle Ideas When I grew up, there was no Internet and no inclining of a World Wide Web, let alone anything like today’s side hustle ideas. In fact, job wages were still reasonable. So, I never blamed the generation that came before mine for advised many young, wanna-be entrepreneurs that; “Business is […]

Your Competition Will Pay For Your Advertising

Your competition will pay for your advertising

Your competition (and others) will pay for your advertising! By Smiling Steve™ My blog title — your competition will pay for your advertising — only sounds crazy until you get that it actually works. At that point the only head scratcher is; why don’t the gurus know about this? Consider this; of the billions of […]

The recession proof business; ‘Cash is King’

Recession proof business; cash is king or is it?

Looking to understand what the chemistry of a recession proof business? Cash is king in bad times but that runs out. A marketing list, on the other hand, will always make you income. The reality? Many small businesses don’t know hey would be building a list of their customers or gaining permission to market to […]

How much money can you make on blogging?

How much money can you make on blogging?

How much money can you make on blogging? The answer is more than you think. And how you make your money will surprise you! By Smiling Steve™ It’s a funny question, isn’t it? If you were at a dinner party, where one of the other guests was a very successful blogger and that became a […]