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Already Successful people are chasing dreams but are they on their best path?

The key to understanding what I refer to as “already successful people” is knowing that, like everyone else, they don’t know everything.

On average, successful people do tend to know more but only because they can afford expensive advice. That does not mean they are hiring professionals, such as accountants and lawyers, who are specialists in things like Direct Response Marketing or Drip Marketing or Side Hustles or _________ (you name it).

So the advice they are getting is likely limited.

Already successful people have dreams, tending to smile like the man in this picture when they think about what they have achieved, but are they on the right path?

Already successful people have dreams and they are chasing them. Usually that means they already have higher income and already have the tax advantages mentioned in the posts I did recently entitled;

The surprising reason why everyone should start a home business!”

Successful people might not be writing off a part of their home because they may b operating an office, which the write off. That does not meant that they cannot have a home office too.

So there is a potential benefit there, though they may consider that minor at first.

After all, with a relatively large income, the idea of writing off 20% of their mortgage or rent may be unappealing for what is perceived to be added headaches and more work. After all, they do not want to lose focus.

So why would already successful people consider a home business?

You may think; “why indeed” . . meaning why would successful people be interested in a career redirection?

Before you write off the group I am calling already successful people you need to look at my life. I was in that group, driving a Saab and wearing tailor made suits. And I redirected my career and life for one really solid reason.

If I didn’t, I would have missed most of our kids events. 

I would not have been at the football games in the afternoon. I would not have been able to drive the kids to paintball and hockey tournaments.

I would have been busy working to pay for it but unable to participate in much of it.

 That is part of it. The other part is I not only had more free time, after I changed direction I also developed triple the income.

In the mid 1990s Icon entered the Canadian market and offered successful business equipment sales reps CDN$300,000 a year guarantee, which was then about USD$200,000. A tidy sum.

Several people I knew took that deal. And they were not present for their kids school events and soccer or whatever they were into.

I started a home business and had outsourced staff. And, by 2000, I drove my gross income to over a $1 million a year. In fact, my net income was more than triple what my former work mates were earning with Icon.

A scanned image of Smiling Steve™ featured in House of Business magazine in April of 2001.

Now, you might wonder how I was able to earn so much. Was I working 70 hours a week? No.

I became more productive because I was not commuting into the Big City, which was Toronto then. I did not lose 2 hours a day to travel from the bedroom community in the burbs into the core. 

While my friends were stuck in traffic, breathing in the smog, I was happily snacking and sipping my favorite wine at home, completing my invoicing for the day. And looking forward to dinner.

The real story though, is I took 12 weeks off that year. Including everything I did with/for the kids and the 4 cruises we went on, plus the weekends away, it added up to almost exactly one week off a month!

When people were fighting traffic to get into work, I was reading the paper.

I had less stress and was free to book my own schedule whereas my former working friends had to book appointments with their prospective clients and customers. So they were on someone else’s schedule.

If they wanted the sale, they had to be there. I didn’t.

By 2004 I was featured in a newsstand business magazine again. This time on the cover.

This picture of me and family at home shows that I was working at home when the already successful people were at work or road warriors.

An old work buddy and his brother by then were in Houston, Texas. They uprooted their lives and left family because they got a better offer.

When my dad met with these brothers he showed a copy of the magazine above and the one brother wanted to take a color copy. He apparently hung it in his office, which was awesome.

He had a good heart. He cared about his old friends. But he did not live the life I did. In fact, even if we earned the same amount, I would have preferred to have been me.

Corporate decisions are like that. They know if they dangle the big carrot for sales reps and Corporate Staff, they can take people them away from family. This is a common story.

It was not more than what I was making but it was more than what they were making.

More money at the expensive of freedom and family is the reality of both “road warriors” (sales reps) and Corporate Executives.

My dad’s cousin was  the V.P. of Coca Cola bottling division in Atlanta. They both started out their lives on the wrong side of the tracks.

In fact, at one point my grandfather and his brother had both their families living in an open concept one room flat with a bathroom.

It was the Great depression and things were hard. However, by early 1970s they were both doing very well. But at what cost?

In fact, my dad’s cousin ended up being the CEO of Carnation. And I can recall a story about how he earned a massive Corporate yearend bonus by being smart. However, his first wife and son were in what is now the U.K. (England back then).

He almost never saw his son.

Yes, the boy would come out to see him in the summer, as I recall. And I am sure he made it back to the U.K. on occasion but you do not run huge Corporations remotely. At least not until Covid.

The last time I saw him was at my sister’s wedding in the mid 1980s. I have not one clue what happened to him from there though I would doubt he was still alive.

By comparison, I could be sitting on a sailing yacht doing business. The well tanned CEO of Home Business with his home being a sailboat or an RV, traveling the world and only working when I want to.

I went to all the kids events. And I mean all of them.

In addition to working when I wanted, I out earned the guys I started my career with. But, as I said before, I would have angled in the direction I went in even if I made the same.

 If I was a Corporate Exec or Road Warrior earning the big bucks I would hire staff in the Philippines today. I would pay a living wage of $5 an hour and that would cost me $50 a week, which would be a write off (remote personal assistant).

I would train these remote people to prospect for me. Then I would do two extra calls a day, mostly after hours. 

In a year to 18 months I would have a side hustle income from this effort that was approaching my full time job.

With that in place, I would now be free to quit work. I would have banked the extra income from this side hustle and that would be my float while I worked my side hustle as a full time hustle and in 6 months I would be earning more that I did before.

However, I would not work 60 hours a week any more or be on the road (as a road warrior) for the same.

I would have the time for family and fun. And I would never look back.

If you are working every hour you can for the big bucks, consider this:

Don’t let a heavy work load or work schedule and family pressures take a toll on your life. Don’t let it affect your kids. Chose a different life because you can. This article puts it into perspective . . 

When a heavy workload and family pressures take a toll.

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  1. Great article Steve, now, as you obviously know already, the ‘already successful people’ are comfortable, and if we are to be honest, that’s what we have always known isn’t it, to breakaway from that mold takes something special indeed. But it’s slowly phasing out now as more and more people are becoming aware of opportunities as economies are tightening. It’s the security it used to bring, it’s almost crippling to say the least. And what of the carrot you just mentioned? I think the saddest thing is you don’t even see it when you are in it. It lulls you and before you not your life is spent without much to show for it. Enjoying your articles, please keep them coming!

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