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18plus, 18+ or Age of Majority

This page is specifically about the age of majority and any visitors that are not as yet considered adults. In our Privacy Policy, posted at various Sites, we make the following reference;

“The Company is committed to providing safe web sites for visitors of all ages” . . .

This statement means there is no swearing, porn, sex or other types of “mature” content provided, which is & always will be true. However, from time to time, we do offer business opportunities that are only available to those who are of legal age, usually referred to as; AGE OF MAJORITY (hereinafter; “AOM”).

In Canada, where we operate, the AOM is 18 years. And, in most U.S. States, it is the same. However, occasionally someone younger finds their way to our Sites or someone lives in a place where 19 or 21 is the AOM.

AOM or age of majority really means – when an individual is deemed to be responsible for their own actions. Since we cannot stop people who are not yet of the age of majority (sometimes called; “a minor“) from visiting the site we hereby assert that we are not responsible for anyone who is “under age” (or not of the age of majority) for anything that happens as a result of such an individual visiting our Sites and/or buying education we offer and/or joining a Business venture offered by someone who advertises with us or on our Sites.

If we are contacted to remove the personal information of anyone who is not of the age of majority/AOM we will do so and notify our advertising partner(s) so that they can also cease and desist from marketing to them. We cannot guarantee that they will do so but, should they not, that will not be our fault, and we will not continue to do business with people who do not honor this policy.

Furthermore, we do not assume the risk of anyone visiting our Sites and availing themselves of third party offers. However, we will do anything in our power to mitigate what results from a minor who acts in a way that may be damaging to themselves, regardless of what third party is deemed to be “at fault”.